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Short PDF e-books exchange link job—need help with it as soon as possible!


How are you?

My programmer is out of town. This is a very quick and relatively easy job for someone who wants to earn some quick cash. I am hoping that someone can bid between 1-10 dollars, as I do not think this would be a difficult or time-consuming job for a web designer/programmer.

The Job:

I need a few links substituted on a link to my website. They are PDF e-book files. Basically I need to switch the PDF versions as I needed to update the ebooks. I need an extra sentence added into the text on the page as well. All the content and everything will be emailed to you when I choose you. It should only take you up to 10 minutes at the most.

To better explain myself, I need something like this done. I have a sentence on one of my website's links. It will say something like this:

Click here to download this e book.

The here would be underlined and be linked a PDF e-book file. I will give you the updated e-book PDF version to insert into that link. To make that change. I need 3 of these done. I will send the updated e-books in attachment and properly name them so it'll be easy for you to insert into appropriate spots.

My designer used dreamweaver 8.0 and I use godaddy hosting (which requires FTP), just so you know.

I will give the bidder my hosting account password and they can immediately begin working on switching the e-book versions and adding in an extra sentence.

If you have any questions that I didn't clear up, please pm me.

Thank you and have a wonderful day~~~~

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