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220259 Think America is Corrupt

Think American Government is Corrupt?

There is a project... this is just the prologue

It is not our [American's] fault. We have been deceived by people more cunning than Einstein and more charismatic than Hitler. These people are the BANKERS. You must understand this.

If you are not familiar with American history, you may want to familiarize yourself with it, because when America fell to these powers, the world did too.

The US Central Bank [The Federal Reserve] was swindled into our political arena. It is against our US constitution. The people -through representatives- were supposed to regulate money, NOT BANKERS.

In 1907, JP Morgan falsey created the panic of 1907 in order to spur demand for a monetary change. A few years later, Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg and other prominent figures found their way to Jekyll Island. Here, the evil bankers wrote up the federal reserve act.

Chad Aldrich- who was friends with and later related to Rockefeller- presented the act to be passed on December 23, 1913 (the rest of the house was celebrating Christmas). Woodrow wilson -whom had his own presidential campaign paid for through the bankers- signed the act into law.

The Federal Reserve is controlled by private bankers. Private bankers have started wars for profit (ex. Rockefeller made millions funding IG Farbon, the war machine of the NAZIs). Vietnam was fought over textile (France wanted this land, formerly French Indochina... America fought against the people who held the same beliefs our founding fathers did... these men even quouted the American Declaration of Independence). In 1952, Iran's democratically-elected leader was overthrown by American CIA because he socialized their OIL (they put in the Shah of Iran, who killed 50,000 Iranians. They overthrew him and established the current theocracy that the NEO-CON liars controlling our government want to attack). Iraq was over oil. Osama Bin Laden claimed the 9/11 attacks -if he even did them- were a result of aiding the Saudi Dictator Kings (we also support the Pakistani Dictator... Kuwait... Yemen). Iran-Contra. Haliburton... America does not understand.

America needs to be re-educated... and fast

Will you help me?

I want to establish a non-profit site that uses affiliate links (ask if you are unsure of what affiliate advertising is). I want a full shopping mall with everything an american consumer can possibly buy, subscribe for, or apply for.

I also want an educational section.

I would love to sit down and swap ideas.

But I need to be working with someone I can trust feels the same way I do

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