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218276 Wordpress theme customization

The changes that I need for phase 1 of this project should be simple for a professional with experience with Wordpress, php, css and xhtml experience. Only serious, professionals should bid on this project. I can tell you that this project is going to require at least 3 phases and the person selected for this first project will be the front runner for the upcoming phases.

We have purchased an existing wordpress theme ([url removed, login to view], golden version) and we need to have this theme modified in a number of places along with some new Page Templates created.

I will provide all the source files from this theme to you. The completed project will require that I receive all modified files including new .php, .css, and any other pages that are created along with detailed documentation on any necessary changes that I have to make to the WordPress database.

Like most themes, you don't realize their drawbacks and limitations until you have purchased the theme and started to use them.

Here's what I need changed on this theme:

- the approach we are looking to accomplish is similar to what you see on [url removed, login to view] to where the header plays flash graphics and then there are 4 project areas under the header graphic where each one will be designated by a specific color that represents that product (Uno,Dos,Tres will be purple; Webspanol will be blue, Pharmacy Spanish will be Red, Spanish for the Courts will be Yellow).

1. The Header graphic area needs to be larger.

a. Increase the height from supporting a graphic height of 145 to 185

2. New Feature Page Templates for each product:

Our products consist of the following 4 main products:

- Uno,Dos,Tres (Children Spanish program for children between 3 and 12 years of age)

- Webspanol (Spanish program for those 12 years of age and for anyone wanting to learn Spanish)

- Pharmacy Spanish (teaching custom Spanish programs to Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians)

- Spanish for the Courts (teaching custom Spanish lessons to Judges, court clerk and attorneys who want to learn Spanish)

From the home page, I would like the theme to allow the user the ability to select one of the 4 products to send you to that products “Landing Page”.

This theme has the concept of a “Featured Page”. I need to have a “Featured Page Template” that loads based on the product selected. For example, if the user clicks on “Uno,Dos,Tres” from the home page, the page that will be loaded will be the Uno, Dos, Tres Featured Page. This page will have its own header and footer section that is specific to this particular product. What I don't want to happen is to have the footer for Uno,Dos,Tres to show up under the “Landing Page for Webspanol”.

3. New Footer ares that is loaded based on product that is selected:

a. If user brings up a specific featured page, I would like this to have it's own footer to be loaded that can be different from the other products footer pages.

4. I would like to be able to style the colors specific on the new specifically created “Landing Pages”. For example, if you come to the Uno,Dos,Tres Featured Page, I would like to be able to have the H2 colors show up in the respective color for that particular product. If that color happens to be Purple, then I would like to be able to make the color purple for this section and not for the other products landing pages.

5. We would like some New Page Templates with a few different types of layouts:

a. I have included .pdf's of the various layouts that we would like created for further usage. All of these are based on the included standard templates files, but with some additional layouts. For example, the Features Page content section has a wide body and then a small right column, well we'd like to be able to have a page that has 2 equal distance sections in the content section. We'd also like to have one with two equal distance content section, but the one in the right would have two equal distant smaller columns. The same would hold true for another one, but with a header graphic in this section.

b. There are few of these that are included as attachments. Please be sure to quote creating these for both left and right page templates along with being able to create these for the new Product specific templates that are being created in step 2 above (i.e. Feature Page Uno_Dos_Tres, etc.)

6. We need new Page Templates for our Left Page SideBar and Right Page Sidebar

a. These are similar to what is listed above. We will want the flexibility to have various column layouts and sizes depending on our needs.

7. We need new Page Template for Sales Pages

a. See the attached .pdf document that describes the layout of the Sales Page Templates

b. Basically this theme will have a specific header graphic for the product that it is showing.

c. This Page template will not need the footer section.

d. The body will have Video playing at the top under the header graphic and then repeating sections throughout the page that lists all the benefits the user has along with giving them the option to purchase the product.

8. Make sure that you have taken into account all the various page samples/prototypes that I have included as the attachment to see exactly what I am looking to accomplish.

9. If there is a better way to accomplish the specific layouts to each features page and sales page that doesn't require you to have to create separate page template files, feel free to make a suggestion that would be a better way to accomplish this.

10. I would like to have this completed with in 5 days of approval and once these are completed, we'll move on to Phase II of the project that will be more around the Membership area of the website once the user has logged in and has become a member at the various member levels.

Phase II of this project will have a lot of .php programming and mysql integration, so I look forward to getting you the 2nd phase of this project as well.

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