AutoIT Script Modifications / Improvements:

I need a working "Trader Bot" script for use with the "Magic Online" (MTGO) game. I already have source code to a AutoIT script that was working as of several months ago. This script will first need to be fixed to make it work with the latest version of client software, and then modified to add certain features.

## Deliverables

The source code to a now-obsolete MTGO bot is available freely from the web, please take a look: [url removed, login to view]

This code was working until recently, however client changes now render this bot non-working. I think the OCR stuff may need to be fixed.

There are TWO parts to this project:

1. Get the bot working with the latest version of MTGO client software.

2. Add additional features to the bot.

The following features are expected to work on the bot. Many of these features are already part of the code.

1. Buy / sell lists: Flat text files or CSV that contain card names, prices, and quantity (max qty to buy). This should require little to no additional work as it is already part of the existing script.

2. Buy mode - Buy some specific card X for Y tickets, where Y can be a fractional amount. X taken from the buy / sell list above. Should require little effort, already part of the script.

3. Sell mode - Sell some specific card X for Y tickets, where Y can be a fractional amount. Y taken from the buy / sell list above. Bot must browse the collection of the other trading party and select the cards from his collection. May require some effort.

4. Logging - Log all buy / sell transactions. Should require little efford, already part of the script.

5. Credit data - Keep track of fractional ticket credit amounts in a text file.

6. Debug runtime info - Add diagnostic info to print out current state and status. Just some info about the bot's current state, what it's doing, etc. Currently the script just sits there and you have no way of knowing if it's doing its job.

7. Nice greeting - On trade start, print something nice like "Hello user_name! You have X credits with us, please pick a card to buy or type SELL to enter sell mode".

If you are familiar with MTGO scripting then this should be an easy project. If you have already written MTGO bots then this project is for you! Note that you don't have to use the script I linked to above as a starting point, it's just a suggestion. If you already have a working bot that already does all of the items above (with source code) then there's nothing else you need to do at all!

If you have never used MTGO before then I don't think you will be successful in completing this project.

Note that the final product MUST be working with the latest version of MTGO.

Please ask if you have any questions.

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