I-Phone and Black berry web 2.0 service

This is a two part project and is big so please make sure that you are qualified for both portions before bidding.

1. Here's the mobile application part:

I need to develop one application for two mobile devices- one for Blackberry's and one for Iphone 2.0. The mobile app will use the device to record a voice memo for as long as the user wants to record (within the capabilities of the device). The user will be able to see how long the recording is and then confirm that he wants to send it. When he sends it, a copy of that recorded message will be sent to our server. Once sent, the recording will go through processing in the system and it will be transcribed to text and the system will send the transcribed text back to the handset when it is completed. Other functionality would include user being able to delete messages returned to user in transcribed text.

2. Here's the site portion:

The server has speech to text software running on it such as Dragon Speak Naturally (this means you'll have to figure out how to run software like this on a server and have a website feed it recordings and have the software feed text back to the website). The site recieves the recording and posts recording to user's account with status of transcription in progress and runs the recording through the speech to text software which transcribes it to text. The newly created text is then appended to the recording file and put in a que at the back end of the website. The website sends out an email to notify a human that there is a recording and text file to be proofread and corrected. The human proofer logs into the back end and opens the text and listens to the audio file and proof reads the text correcting any miss-transcriptions by the software. The proofer then submits the proofed and corrected text to the user's account on the website so that he can log in and see it later.

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