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Short version, end result I'm looking for:

1) automatically fill my wordpress blogs with articles pulled from .sql files. Plugin must make articles appear as blog postings, not like an article directory.

This next point is a plus, if it is doable but am willing to forgo if impossible:

2) automatically register names of authors as a regular subscribers and also import their bio's into their profile area. If not possible, then the author bio field must be imported into the blog positing area, right after the article contents. *Imported as a subscribed user is preferred to keep the blog looking like a resource of contributed content and not like just another article directory.

Long version:

I have about 400 .sql files, each contains unique niche-based topics.

I need a plugin that will pull articles out of the .sql file of my choosing and insert those articles into my blog to appear as unique blog postings.

Ideally the plugin will work similar to [url removed, login to view] but with .sql files instead of text files, since that is the format of my data and I want to avoid having to manually extract each article as a .txt file and then manually add title and header info by hand to each text file. Too much manual labor for 50,000+ articles. And not as dynamic and time saving as pulling the data from a .swl file that already has fields for title, author, and article content, etc.

I will NOT be importing multiple .sql files into a single domain. Just one .sql file per domain. That is why the plugin must be 'reusable' so I can mass install the plugin to all of my domains and run the plugin separately on each domain using a different .sql file imported or uploaded to each domain. That way they each domain's blog contains unique content one from the other. They will NOT be sharing .sql files or the data in the files. Each domain has a separate twist niche and theme.

I'd prefer that when the plugin is activated it automatically 'looks for' and pull records directly from a .sql file that's already uploaded to some folder on the domain if possible, to eliminate the need to create hundreds of separate mysql databases in cpanel :-(

As much automation as possible is preferred, especially because of the large number of domains this process will be replicated on.

A plus, but not a necessity, is to include some feature to make the plugin or script only pull articles that have specific keywords or phrases in title or body. But as I said, this is NOT a necessity since each .sql file supposedly already contains only relevant content. The afterthought is just in case an offtopic article is in the .sql files on accident. This feature would save me from having to traverse each domain's blog searching to manually delete content that is off-topic. As I said, this is not a necessity, just a nice feature in case something did slip through. But I have been assured each .sql is "clean". So whether this is a feature or not isn't critical. Just a 'nicety'.

Another plus and time saver is if this could be installed to a single domain and have the other domains somehow pull the data from that server. Not likely do-able since there are so many different .sql files. But if is possible that would be great. Oh. If so, then I need a file that allows only specific domains to access the scripts/plugins. That way others can't bog down my domains by replicating the data to their own sites.

Here are additional details you may or may not need to know in order to give a quote:

The .sql files have one table, and six fields. I only want to pull data to post to my blog out of three of the fields:

title VARCHAR 255

articlebody LONGTEXT 0

author bio VARCHAR 255

- I already own a mass plugin installer that will replicate the installation of the plugin to several domains. So a mass installing method isn't a needed feature.

- The majority [not all] of the domains currently share a single host ([url removed, login to view]), so what works on one domain should work on most if not all the others too.

- The .sql files range in size from a few kb to over 200 mb. Some have only a few records, others have tens of thousands. No clue if that is an issue from a programming standpoint or not, but I mention it in case you need that info to determine an approach. Also in case size will affect a plugin's ability to function.

- The articlebody and author bio fields contain html. Title field may contain questions marks, colons and semicolons, and possibly other extended characters too. Hopefully that will not present an importing problem (I know how finicky wordpress can be at times when html is pasted into the content area.

Some ideas I have in mind:

- When plugin is activated it should ideally pull articles from the .sql file that had been ftp'd to a folder on the domain without the need to import the .sql into phpmyadmin. This should work in a similar way that article-import-plugin mentioned above imports text files. This would save time from having to manually create 400 databases in cpanel, then manually run/import 400 .sql files // ugh //

- whatever solution you come up with should avoid sharing a single mysql database among all the domains. That will prevent bogging down any or all of the domains because of massive sharing of a single database.

- alter [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] and other .php files in wordpress if necessary to dynamically get the articles to show to visitors when they visit the site.

- open to any other reasonable ways to produce the same results with as minimal manual importing/setting up the sites as necessary

- should allow room to grow. I may add more domains as time continues. So this should be somewhat of an open solution.

- Oh. And one final note, I will own the rights to the script or plugin and can do with it what I wish. This includes editing it, releasing it to opensource networks, sell it or whatever I choose. I want no restrictions on my use of the plugin or script.

If you have additional ideas for accomplishing the same end results, please let me know. Bottom line results is what I'm after, I'm open to any process that will make this happen the easiest.

If you have questions or need clarification let me know.

If this is enough info to create a plugin or script feel free to post your quote at this time.



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