I require someone with experience in scripting audio Flash applications.

For a website I need a very basic but dynamic ‘analog looking’ mixer which enables visitors to create/mix their own mp3 Realtones.

I uploaded a concept drawing of the interaction design.

Core functions of the mixer:

- The mixer has 10 different channels. Each channel contains its own sound file.

- The first 5 channels can be muted by an On/Off button.

- The First three channels also have a pitch slider to alter the speed of playback for that specific channel (this does not require a real pitch function! Per 'pitch channel' we have 5 pre-pitched sound files available which are selectable with one button in 5 steps to simulate a real pitch slider).

- Sounds 6 to 10 only have a volume slider.

- And last but not least: one big button to SEND the final composition.

Once a mix/composition is final and the button 'Send' has been pressed, the composition will be mixed down to ONE single mp3 file. A submission form comes up. It requires phone number, name and email address. Once the submission form has been filled out and submitted, the formfield data will be send (by PHP?) to a database and the mp3 file will become available for download (download record in db becomes: true). The mp3 file needs to be saved with the entered phone number + a unique number as filename to a folder on our server.

Some extra requirements:

The sound files (per channel) will be loaded dynamically from a folder on our server containing files like: [url removed, login to view] which will correspond to the first pitch sound of channel 1, [url removed, login to view] which will correspond to the second pitch sound of channel 1 and so on. Of course the same for the other channels: [url removed, login to view] will correspond to channel 6 and so on. This gives us the opportunity to upload new sound files when required.

The mobile connection will be taken care of by a specialized company.

We have to be able to change roots and folders, so please leave comments in your script where we are able to make these changes. Flash FLA files are required so we can fine-tune the final application.

PLEASE NOTICE: You only have to script the application! The interface (sliding and adjustable buttons), the design and sound files of the mixer will be taken care of. The mixer FLA will be provided to you once you can show me a working demo.

If you need more information please let me know.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Kemahiran: Adobe Flash, Perkhidmatan Audio, PHP, XML

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