Adult chat streaming video/audio

This is for an Adult Webcam chat site with a module for licensees to share models/performers. Please reference [url removed, login to view]

for this concept as well as the model module.

Server Application

Apache Web Server

The server will run Apache web server with PHP and MySql.

The Sharing Module

What happens here is, only webmasters that are a member of our system will be able to share as many web cams and or webcam studios as they want. It is basically a closed network only open to members that use our software. When a webmaster joins, he will be able to setup his web sites to work with our system to send out live, real time video and audio throughout their web sites. This will give them the ability to share their models throughout the system. We will need a small app that will allow everyone to charge per minute for using their models. The accounting will keep full tracking of every minute in real time so that we can look at this information at any given time to see daily reports on what and who is being charged. We will need the ability to change this amount on the fly if we want to.

So, if there is a company that offers models to other webmasters web sites, that live video and audio feed can now be piped through their web sites that will allow them to use these models. The webmasters will have the option of what models they want to allow to be shared and which available models they want to add to their site.

A. If webmasters sites are up and running.

B. A company wants to allow the webmaster to use their models for sharing, webmasters sites can automatically allow the company to share their models throughout the webmasters sites.

Everything will be tracked using a sql database. This database will track what company is sharing their models and where they are located. The database will track using an accounting app to show how much time each model was on, how much money was made, how much money they owe us, how much money we owe them.

So, the server will use Apache web server, PHP, an accounting system for tracking all monies made throughout the system. It will use Flash for the audio and video system.

Using the sql database, will need to work fast. It must be configured to hold unlimited memberships, accounting information and merchant account information. This will include detailed information on each user that becomes a member.

Main Admin App

Here are the features that we want in our admin app. It will basically be the same as licensees but they will only be able to view and control within their domain.

1). We want to be able to record any live session that we want on any site that uses our system without them knowing.

2). We want to be able to go into a live session without them knowing that we are there so we can monitor what is going on.

3). We need the ability for a new model to join automatically. Once she or he is verified, We can then turn on their account.

4). We need the ability to turn off anyone’s account and if we want completely delete it.

5). With our accounting system, we need an invoice system where we can automatically print out and be ready to mail out with the models pay checks or for anyone that we owe money to or what others owes us.

Webmasters Admin App

This part is very important to the webmasters. It must be very easy to use but yet very powerful. The following suggestions are needed. These were suggestions made by the webmasters them selves. We will also need all the other features from the other companies that they use also.

1). This app will only work within the webmasters own site or sites. Once they have registered their site or sites with us, they can only admin those sites only.

2). The ability to search site logs.

3). The ability to ban and or delete or suspend any user or model.

4). Have the ability to upload model pictures or pre-recorded video.

5). The ability to see and retrieve a users password if they forgot it.

6). The ability to modify a models information if needed.

7). To be able to know where each model comes from. What country and so on.

8). To know which website shared models come from.

9). A very good invoicing payroll system for paying the models.

10). Have the ability for group performers by studios.

11). To be able to set their own pay weeks for their models.

12). The ability to set the time when a user gets kicked out.

13). To be able to have portability for the software.

14). Lifestyle listings..ie. such as lesbian, gay, couples and so on.

15). To be able to only see models that are using this webmasters sites without them knowing. To be able to monitor them.

16). The ability to advertise a special show (pay for view).

17). The accounting must be able to show the webmaster hourly, daily, weekly,monthly, 3 months, 6 month and yearly figures.

18). Give the webmaster the ability to record a session in any pay room.

19). To have the ability to show a pre-recorded video if someone goes into group.

Again, we will need all the other features that the other companies do have now to be included.

Models App.

This app will be an .EXE file where the model will download and install into their computer. This will have all the features that the other companies have plus the following.

1). Brandable capture client where your logo/icon/name in the models app.

2). Automatic sign ups for new models.

3). Model stats, what they made for the day, how much time was spent with a client, How much money each client has in their account must be shown on the models screen and so on.

4). A area for the models to fill out a bio about them selves and upload pictures or videos.

5). The ability to kick off a user.

6). The model can see who is a buying customer or who is in free chat by using different colors.

7). The model will have the ability for a two way audio and video experience in a private session only.

Again, we will need every feature that the other software companies use in their software.

There will be 4 viewing methods.

1) Free chat

2) Nude chat

3) Private

4) Vouyer to private

The accounting ability to charge different rates for the different sessions.

We will be providing an API for and add on application that we want installed.

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