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Amember Incremental Content Mod

This should be a quick and easy job for the right person. I currently own a license for amember, as well as the incremental content plugin. I would require the following:

I need the ability to separate the incremental content into categories and sub-categories. This will enable me to release timed content within specific pages/category index pages. As it stands now, incremental content is membership wide, so when you add the code snippet they supply with the plugin, it displays ALL incremental content on all pages where the code is present using amember session variables. I envision that category and sub-category fields would have to be added to the database, as well as a tweaking of the code to display it. I am currently just using straight php pages in the membership area.

If the qualified candidate feels it would be easier to just create an entirely new plugin to achieve this functionality, I'd be all for it.

I would like to have the following:

- ability to define categories AND sub-categories for incremental content

- ability to display category specific content on php pages, possibly multiple categories on one page

- ability to sort and format display of content (chronological, alphabetical, reverser chron etc.) based on category and sub-category (i.e. separately display subcategories, and sort each differently if desired).

- ability to define small graphical icon next to incremental content link, such as "new" or "updated" as well as the ability to define timeframe for graphic (days, weeks, lifetime etc.)

- continued ability to display ALL incremental content links on a master index page, but customizable by date (new content in last x days etc. - this may already be possible using current session variables).

- I would also like a teaser feature, which would show upcoming content posts to the user, and how long it will be until they will have access to that information. If possible I would like this feature to be definable as to how many days before the content is released that the teaser links display. Teaser links would display in line with other incremental content, and would follow their sorting order. However, Teaser links would not actually be links, but would be plain text and unclickable until their release date. In line with the graphic icon feature, teaser links could be designate with a "coming soon" graphic, then once live, could display whatever was defined when the content was set up ("new" "hot" etc.).

When the admin goes to add a piece of incremental content, there would be 2 new fields to fill in - Category and sub-category. The sub-category would be obviously a sub of the top level. If a category does not exist, they can create one from here (or a sub category). Maybe this would have to be done elsewhere, rather than on this screen..that would be fine too..I don't care where it has to be done. The end result would be the ability to assign incremental content to these categories. That way, with the right code, only the desired links could be displayed within pages on the site.

In the future, I would most likely re-hire the original coder (YOU!) to handle any upgrades - I'm currently running 3.0.9 of amember, and do have the 3.1.0 upgrade, but I'm told the incremental plugin does not work with that yet. We can discuss this further once the project has started.

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Hi, I have the ability to do this. I have the knowledge to satisfy all the requirements you posted. Let me do it for you, Sir!

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