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We need a fully featured content management system that is similar to pyzam.com. Please view [url removed, login to view] first and explore the site before reading the following in depth description, to make sure you can do the project. The basic functionality is that we will have a backend system, where we will upload any new content. The sections of the site will include graphics, layouts, and widgets.

This is going to be a high traffic site, so we may need the content management database split into multiple databases to handle the load.

Here is a breakdown of each section:

-Graphics section: When we upload a graphic to this section, it will be uploaded to our server AND also to our Amazon S3 account. Then it will create the code for each graphic for user to hotlink it on their site. The image location the code will be using will be the one that was uploaded to our Amazon S3 account.

For example of similar functionality see this link. See the button under each graphic that says “Get the code”:

[url removed, login to view]

-Layouts section: This section will be exactly like it is on pyzam.com. We will upload the layout code and a thumbnail of the layout to the backend. On click of the thumbnail, user will see a page that says “Preview layout”. This page will show the layout applied to a MySpace page template, and user can get the code at top of page. Also below each thumbnail is a button to “Preview layout” and “Get Code” button.

Explore [url removed, login to view] to see full functionality and user experience.

-Widget sections: each page on that section is custom html, so it needs to use the site template and the content area of each page able to be completely modified/added to by us in html.

-Menu: The menu is automatically updated when we add a new subcategory to a section (for example “Sports Graphics” as a subcategory under the Graphics Section of the menu). The Menu will be expandable. On load of site, it will show the top (most viewed) subcategories under each category and then have a “View More” button at the bottom of that. If the user click on a category (Graphics), then it will go to the Graphics section main page and will also expand the full subcategories in the menu under the Graphics title in the menu. I'd like to later be able to add new sections/categories and subsections to the menu in addition to the 3 mentioned above.

When user gets to each category, it can be ordered by most popular in that category/section (based on how many times users have gotten the code for that graphic.), but by default is ordered by newest additions to that category/section.

All the URL's on the site will need to convert the php page link in the address bar to whatever name we enter for that page and have a trailing slash, such as Http://[url removed, login to view]

Also, each graphic and layout will have integration with Wildfire, which we can explain in further detail later (basically is just a JavaScript under each graphic that passes in the name of the textbox with the code of that graphic)

On the backend, we will be able to see how many times a graphic or layout or widget was downloaded (The user copied the code with the button)

Templating: There will be a main template for the site and ad placement that will be applied to all pages by default. However, we need to be able to add/change the template for each section (overriding the main template for the design of that section), and even be able to change the template down to the page level on any pages we may need to do that to in the future.

There will be a search bar with this functionality:

= Each upload to the backend is tagged with keyword tags and primary color

= User can search by keyword and order results by newest or most popular

= Users can click a color swatch (we will have a limited color palette with just the main major colors), and see thumbs of the items (graphics and layouts) that are that color.

**In the future or if possible with this project, we would like this to be where the user can click on a Flash palette that is animated in the sections to see results of what is in that color in that section.

There is also a tag cloud where tags that are more popular are bigger and user can click them

Part of the site header will have a randomized script that will display 1 out of 5 images that we have created for it.

In addition to the above sections, we will have the following in the menu. The functionality for each of these will be handled by us and do not have to be created by you, but will just be a page using the main site template and empty content area where we can add content:

= Chat room = Forum = Contact page = Press page =FAQ/Help

**We are a very reliable company. This project will have many upgrades/added features in the future. We'd like to work with a company that can be a long term partner to program those additions.

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