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Cool Quiz Maker Specs:

Specs for Cool Quiz Maker 1.0


1. The script needs to be easy to install on any server. I want the admin simply upload the files and point to [url removed, login to view] file in the browser and fill in database info and click install.


2. The admin menu will have the following:

Admin Details – where he can change his login info

Start New Project – where he can create a project and then quizzes within the project

Projects – where admin can view all current projects and edit them, add more quizzes, delete them

Stats – Here the admin can view stats for all projects. He can see how many quizzes where completed by date, top quizzes (by number of quizzes completed), he can list them by most popular quizzes

Functionality Process

The admin first will click on Start New Project. Then the script will ask him to name the project and click create. Now the admin is within the Project area and he will see a sub menu with the following options.

1. Create One Page Quiz

2. Create Interactive Quiz

When he chooses any of the options he can name the quiz just like he named the project

Create One Page Quiz

When he clicks on Create One Page Quiz the script will show up a form using the javascript effect for question number 1. Under the question field there will be a link where he can choose to make it a “true or false” question or “multiple choice”. When he selects “true or false” he will need to select which one is correct and then he can then click “Add another question” and move on. When he clicks on “multiple choice” he will need to select how many answers he wants and then script will show fields where he can fill in his answers for that question. Once he fills in all the answers he can mark which one is correct, which is going to be tracked for score purposes.

Once the admin is done adding his questions he can then click on “Proceed To The Next Step” When he clicks that he can customize fonts and formatting of his text. So there will be 2 options. One to select a font, size, bold or underlined, and color for the Questions, and one to customize the answers. Also he can choose to use a image button to submit answers or just use the regular <input type=”submit”> option.

Also he can choose what background color should be used for the quiz and if he wants to add onmouseover or onmouseout effects.

Then he can click on “Proceed To The Next Step” and customize the results page for this quiz. There will be a text box where he can paste his html code and within that code he can include token like <results>.

Once he is done customizing he can then click “Save Quiz” and it will be saved within the project. Then next to the quiz name there will be a link that says “Get Code” When he clicks on “Get Code” the script will give him the code that he needs to insert on his page within the html code wherever he wants the quiz to appear.

Create Interactive Quiz

When the admin chooses that option the script again will show a form just like in the previous option where the admin can type in his question and choose if that question is “true or false” or “multiple choice” just like in the previous steps.

Then after he is done creating all his questions he can click on “Proceed To The Next Step”. Here also he can do the same as in previous option. Choose his formatting of text. Background and choose if he wants to use onmouseover or onmouseout effects. And also the submit button or <input type=”submit”> option

Also in this step here he can choose the color and height of the progress bar that will be displayed on the question page that will show the user how many more points is left to complete the quiz. Also the admin can customize the text that is displayed by the points. So the admin can say “Is needed to win the prize”, where the number of points will be displayed before that text just like it is on this website [url removed, login to view];catID=0&start=1

The admin can also add an image at the end of the progress bar

Now, when he is done customizing he can then click on “Proceed To The Next Step” where he can again paste his html template for the results page for that quiz and insert the <results> token in it.

Now the admin can again click on “Save Quiz” and it will be saved within the Project. Then the admin can click on “Get Code” and paste it on his webpage to display the quiz.

With the “Interactive Quiz” everytime a user answers the question it will check if it’s correct and add a point if it is. If not then no point is added. Everytime one question is answered it loads a new question on the same page just like here [url removed, login to view];catID=0&start=1

Once the quiz is completed it will show results and score. Also the admin can set the number of points needed to win the prize so even if the quiz has 50 questions and only 5 points is needed to win the prize it will load the results page. So the progress bar reflects how many more points needed to win.

The Stats

In this area the admin can view stats. He can choose a project and see top quizzes within a specific project. How many prizes were won.

He can also see top quizzes of all projects

How many quizzes were completed

That’s it for now :)


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