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We need This add on for our Shop Cre Loaded 6.3 B2B Pro

You Must Programm and Install in our Server

In CRE Loaded, stock for products is tracked at product level by default. If a product has attributes, such as size and color, you would like to track stock for the attribute combinations. QT Pro allows you to keep track of inventory for attributes that have combinations like the following below;

Color Size Stock

Red Small 2

Red Medium 1

Black Small 8

Black Large 2

White Large 0

In the above scenario CRE Loaded will display the product with two dropdowns for selecting attributes, one for color and one for size. The color dropdown will contain Red, Black or White and the size dropdown will contain S, M and L. Since there are stock levels of all sizes except White/Large the customer can add all other items except this combination to cart.

QT Pro is a add-on to CRE Loaded 6.2 that tracks stock for product attribute combinations. It also provides for several different attribute display methods to address the problem of out of stock attribute combinations.

Several areas of the CRE Loaded admin site are modified:

* Product Attributes - for product option setup to indicate if stock should be tracked for that option

* Categories - a button is added for products to link to a page to enter stock for product attributes

* New Product Information configuration section - for selecting the product attribute display plugin and options to be used

* New Low Stock Report - For a quick list of product and product attribute combinations

In addition, the Product Information page is changed to support plugins for product attribute display. Four plugins are provided:

Multiple dropdowns Like standard CRE Loaded but with messaging options for out of stock combinations

Sequenced dropdowns Uses JavaScript to force customer to choose attributes in order and only showing in-stock values for each subsequent attribute

Single dropdown Displays a single dropdown list with each entry a single possible attribute combination

Single radioset Same as the single dropdown plugin but uses a radioset instead of the dropdown list.

you must Programm add on and install it !! IS URGENT

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