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Data List Sort

I need a simple PHP/MySQL application.

2-3 pages are required: 1 Client View Page to display data, and 1-2 Admin pages to add/edit/delete records from the data list, maybe these are called the Master Record page and Record Detail page?

The MySQL Table will only have 5 fields (columns) for each Record:

1) Symbol

2) Company Name

3) Rating

4) Price

5) Date

Clicking on either an Up or Down arrow icon in the Field Name(Column Header) will sort the list A-Z or Z-A for these Fields: Symbol, Company Name, Rating or Date.

At any given time there are only 20-40 Records total to display.

The Default Sorting of the data list is by Date, with most recent date at the top and older dates at the bottom. If there are more than 1 record with the same Date the secondary Sort field would be Company Name in alphabetical order.

The Field Data Types are:

1) Symbol = URL

2) Company Name = Text

3) Rating = Text

4) Price = $ Text

5) Date = Date in format Date/Month/Year ie 10/14/2006

Table Rows Need to alternate colors(#EEEEEE & #F6F5F5)


The Admin Page Looks very much like the view page, except that Records can be Added/Edited/Deleted. This would be very similar to PHPmyAdmin, but much simpler so anyone could use it. Like PHPmyAdmin, each Record would have 2 additonal Fields with clickable icons; 1 to Edit the Record in a separate Record Detail Page if necessary, and 1 to Delete the Record. Of course there would be a button/link for Adding a New Record, which by default is displayed at the Top of the list which is sorted in the same manner as the Client View page.

Sound simple enough? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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