Error 502 Bad Gateway problem of email software

Server or Program issue with an email system software. OEM Pro

The error is:

502 Bad Gateway

Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.


Web Server at [url removed, login to view]

The system works fine for sending emails under 500 per campaign.

This only occurs for larger email campaigns.

The following has been tested and determined to be working. Software support have supplied a test_send script with 1000 emails which worked.

The following has already been checked:

Adjusted PHP server settings, increased memory to 32MB and execution time to 3600 from 30, script ran longer, but no change.

Server safe mode is off, and there is a command in [url removed, login to view] (included through a chain from [url removed, login to view] on line 71 - set_time_limit(31536000); that overrides the default execution time.

Checked the most relevant tables in the database for integrity. No problems detected.

Checked MailEnable logs for obvious errors. I could find no major errors. Used a script to test its performance. No bottlenecks or errors at all.

Looked for obvious signs of customisations breaking the code due to vendor claiming their code was fine, majority of customisations looked fine (compared old source files to current ones to detect customisations).

Audited code in [url removed, login to view] for errors, none found that would trigger the 502.

Temporarily installed the MetaBase explorer from the IIS 6 Resource Kit. Used it to adjust script max execution time to 3600 for IIS for domain [url removed, login to view] (by default, it has a 5 minute script timeout). No change.

Revert: Reverted everything except the IIS6 script execution time setting. That can be reverted on command however. Installation file for the IIS 6 Resource Kit has been left in My Documents/Software directory for administrator.

Current suspicions

Perhaps the connection is timing out due to lack of data?

Keep-Alive is a header that is transmitted in [url removed, login to view], that is known to cause problems and it is not used in HTTP 1.1. Why is it included?

I was not able to find PHP or MySQL logs to look for warning messages from those, perhaps these would contain some useful information.


I need the project finished in 24 hours.

If you are not available to communicate or cannot complete this project within the time allocated please do not bid.

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