How to format body text coming from gmail api in PHP?

I am fetching several data from gmail API using credentials and token from Google Cloud Console Gmail API. Over here I am fetching data from the API:

public function listMessages()


$service = new Google_Service_Gmail($this->client);

// Print the labels in the user's account.

$userId = 'me';

$pageToken = NULL;

$messages = array();

$opt_param = array();

$i =0;


if ($i == 5) break;


try {

if ($pageToken){

$opt_param['pageToken'] = $pageToken;


$messageResponse = $service->users_messages->listUsersMessages($userId, $opt_param);

if ($messageResponse->getMessages()){

$messages = array_merge($messages,$messageResponse->getMessages());

$pageToken = $messageResponse->getNextPageToken();



catch (Exception $e){

print 'An error occurred: '. $e->getMessage();


}while ($pageToken);

$list = $service->users_messages->listUsersMessages('me', [

'maxResults' => 10


$messageList = $list->getMessages();

$inboxMessage = [];

foreach ($messageList as $message){

// print 'Message with ID: ' . $message->getId() . '<br/>';

$msg = $service->users_messages->get($userId, $message->getId());

$parts = $msg->getPayload()->getParts();

$message_id =$message->getId();

$headers = $msg->getPayload()->getHeaders();

$snippet = $msg->getSnippet();

foreach($headers as $single) {

if ($single->getName() == 'Subject') {

$message_subject = $single->getValue();

} elseif ($single->getName() == 'Date') {

$message_date = $single->getValue();

$message_date = date('M jS Y h:i A', strtotime($message_date));

} elseif ($single->getName() == 'From') {

$message_sender = $single->getValue();

$message_sender = str_replace('"', NULL, $message_sender);

$message_sender = str_replace("\'", NULL, $message_sender);



if (count($parts) > 0){

//$data = $msg->getPayload()->getParts()[0]->getBody()->getData();

$data = $parts[0]->getBody()->getData();



$data = $msg->getPayload()->getBody()->getData();


$out = str_replace("-","+",$data);

$out = str_replace("_","/",$out);

$body = base64_decode($out);

$inboxMessage[] = [

'messageId' => $message_id,

'messageSnippet' => $snippet,

'messageSubject' => $message_subject,

'messageDate' => $message_date,

'messageSender' => $message_sender,

'messageBody' => $body



return $inboxMessage;



And over here I am displaying it:

public function go()


$conn = new Connection();

if ($conn->is_connected()){

$gmail = new Gmail($conn->get_client());

return $gmail->listMessages();



return $conn->get_unathuenticated_data();



$ID = $_GET['id'];

$Main = new Main();

$aData = $Main->go();

<div class="container mt-5">

<?php print $aData[$ID]['messageBody']; ?>


But the body is coming like in the attached picture

I want it to be formatted nicely like in Gmail it comes formatted. How do I do it please?

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