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I am looking for someone who can program following payment/membership tool in php/mysql for me.

I need a script which is sending split payments to members of my website based on the get rich quick scheme below. Can anybody program a script which is doing the split paymentautomaticly and is adding the new member on position 5? Would be great if after the payment the new member will get access to a secured html area.

1) SEND a $5.00 dollar donation to the 1st e-mail address and the message "PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LIST”

2) SEND other $5.00 donation to the 5th person and an email with the words 'THANK YOU. I'VE JOINED". This helps the 5th person keep track of progress of the letter and continue to send out more emails.

Here is the most recent list:

1. paypal email1

2. paypal email2

3. paypal email3

4. paypal email4

5. paypal email5

Now that you have paid the 1st person and 5th person and sent them both an email, a note, send $50 to each of the people at #2, #3 and #4. This is important, as each name will multiply into millions of dollars of revenue for you. The only thing left to do is to mail out at least 2000 copies of this letter. IT IS YOUR JOB AS THE 5TH PERSON ON THE LIST TO ENSURE THERE ARE AT LEAST 2000 "THANK YOU. I'VE JOINED" replies. You are the guardian of the system! Don’t fail us!

Step 6. Send whatever money you have left to the fourth (4th) person on the list. Sell anything else you own on Ebay and send that too. “Borrow” anything of value from your neighbors’ yards and garages, sell them, and send the proceeds to the first person on the list. Don’t worry! You’ll repay them a hundredfold!

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