PHP, mySQL User System and Search

Itpicks is a website that enables users to rate people, places, or things. Users will be able to log-in to there account which will keep track of their "picks" or latest ratings. Users can search virtually anything and rate it up or down while viewing graphs and charts providing information on what other users rated this thing. The website is similar to Digg in a way.

So, I'm looking for a programmer who can help me with these things:

- creating a php-based user account system that allows for the creation of user accounts that can track a user's searches/"picks"

- creating a search suggestions feature that allows for the auto-correction and suggestion of possible meanings for a user's search

- enabling the "php-based user account system" to be integrated into the mySQL database that keeps track of picks and who picked what

The website design has been completed already... the proper scripting just needs to be implemented.

All of the design for all of the pages has been completed. I have the layout for how I want it to look.

Job summary:

- Create a mysql database that will manage the picks as well as the users

- Create a search that will offer possible suggestions for what the user may have meant

- Create a PHP user system that can be implemented throughout the website... drawing information from the users.

--> Similar to Digg... I have all site design done and in HTML form. I just need the user system and database stuff to be integrated properly.

Database would look something like this:

For picks:

name, rating (some sort of pos. or neg. number), picture URL

For users:

username, email, gender (optional), age (optional), address (optional), what picks they have rated up or down, search history, ip address(es) account accessed from, profile picture URL

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