LONG TERM GOAL: Select Senior Level programmer and steady individual for endless series of projects. Ideal candidate should be willing to establish the ownership over the development process, troubleshooting, deployment, support and system improvements and rewriting.

If you prefer quick hack type of work you are not my guy. I am from this business, will be able to understand if you are not professional very soon.

So, please consider this 1 days assignment as paid test for your skills & paid study of the system. Please only serious programmer who has desire for permanent type of work, who has the time to work and normal internet access. Experience working with somebody's code a must.

THIS PROJECT: Improve ONE FILE by adding a few features. In fact all or almost all features are presented in other parts of the system and I will will be assisting you to find right places to copy needed parts of code. If I would have knowledge of PHP, I would do it myself in 1-2 days.


You have much better chance if you answer following questions:

1. How many years of paid full time job on PHP/MySQL do you have?

Your level of PHP/MySQL (X out of 10)?

Please provide details (your responsibilities, project objectives, lenght & etc) on 3 last php projects.

Your level of English (X out of 10)?

What other skills do you have?

2. Your preferances: Perm Job, Long Contract, Short Contract.

Please explain why?

Have you ever worked on the projects where extensive communication was required? Describe details.

3. Have you ever had experience with large online multi-component systems?

Please describe your roles, lenght, communication methods.

Are you able to work with troubleshooting, writing of new components, architectural changes, rewriting of components? Are you able to adopt the logic of previous programmer quickly when code is not commented? Provide example of the work of this type.

4. Your sallary expectations.

5. Your Internet access? Could your internet access situation prevent your productive work?

6. Tell about yourself. Who are you? Professional? Student?

What are you looking for? Full time work? Short Contract? Long Contract?

Part time? Full time? How many hours per week are you able or planning to work?

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