PHP Text based mafia game

A friend and i are looking to get full game coded after owning a fairly widely used coded one before.

We can do all the design and graphics etc, so you dont have to worry about that

We want a fully cloned site of [url removed, login to view]

It mus have every feature that this game has and work in the same way that it works. As for details such as rank names, car names, city names, Keep them the same as [url removed, login to view] and we will change them after we have received the code as we do have php experience.

Our budget for this project is $450

We will only use Escrow.

Budget increased to $500

If you are unaware how a feature works, www.bootleggers.us to see what it does. It will help you when coding them

How the game should work: The aim of the game is to go up the different ranks 1-15, call then whatever to start, we can change, unless you want us to give u the list too add in. You rank up by doing crimes, grand theft autos, drugs smuggling and organised crimes(oc). The crimes and drugs do a little to increase rank, gta a bit more and OC a lot. So say you set the rankpoints for the 2nd rank at 100, once the player has done enough crimes and gta to given him 100 rank points he ranks to the next level and should receive a message in his inbox saying something like “congratulations you ranked to gangster”

Things that should happen:
When a player is killed they have to re register
When all the players in a crew above rank 7 are killed then the crew disbands and drops.
If the leader of a crew is killed, the underboss becomes leader. If the leader and underboss gets killed but there are players over rank 7, the highest ranked player becomes leader, the second highest becomes underboss. If only the underboss is killed, the highest ranked player apart from leader becomes boss.
All casinos, bullet factorys should be able to be picked up on the cities page, however banks and airports should only be able to be picked up by crew leaders, where all the money goes into the crew bank.

Pages that players view:

Main Page – Just what they see when they log in
Donate – Just a standard html page where they can donate money, we will sort out methods
Times Newspaper – This is where players can check out newspaper articles that editors have written. Players should not be able to view without paying a monthly subscription fee, set it what you like, we can edit.
FAQ Page – Just make a blank page really we will write it.
Profile Page – This is where the player can edit their password, choose the link for the music they want on their profile page (viewable from usersonline page). It should also contain a quote area where they can write their quote, including bbcodes, they should also be able to change their status which appears on their profile to, Online, Online(away) online busy, etc, make a few and we will change the detail, amount of times the profile has been viewed.
Players Online – This page should show all users that are on the game in the last 2minutes or so, Admins, moderators, helpdesk operators, newspaper editors, donaters, to be in different colours, you choose, we can always edit. When a player clicks on a players name they can see that players profile, this should include a profile picture, players rank, players wealth status, how many msgs they have sent, how many forum posts they have made , if they can oc or not, and the profile quote.
Cities – This page should show all the properties – Bullet factory, bank, airport, keno, blackjack, slot machines, race track, casino war, roulette, and the persons who own them, and if no one owns them, it should display, “No Owner” and if the person clicks on it and have enough money and they are in that city, then it becomes theirs.
Escrow – This is where two users can exchange the following safely, cars, money, credits, race track, slots, roulette, blackjack, casino war, bullet factories, airports, banks, If cash is exchanged – 5% tax to be employed. I.e if a user swapts $100,000 for a roulette table the other person who is getting the cash gets $95,000 after the tax.
Airport – This is where players can fly to the 3 countries, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing. The Airports can be owned by crews who can pick them up on the cities page if the crew has enough money, the money from the airport goes into the crew bank.
Black Market – This is where players can buy guns, planes or protection. Make it so they have to buy the item before they can get the next one. So if there is 5 guns , gun 1 gun 2 gun 3 gun 4 gun 5, if the player wants gun 5, they need to buy gun 1, then 2 then 3 then 4. Players should also be able to sell their guns and protection and planes here, for ¼ of the price they bought at.
Shooting Range – Players must go in here and train their gun to 100% accuracy before they can use their guns to kill people. Each 20% accuracy takes 1 hour.
Detectives – Before a player can kill someone they need a hire a detective to find a player. They must search all cities for 4 hours and it finds them during the last hour
Kill – This is where one player can kill another player – so they have to register and start from the bottom again. Before a player can kill someone they must have got a detective to find them, and they must be in the city the detective found them in, and they must have a gun with 100% training in the shooting range. If someone is killed, 5 witness statements should be sent to random players, saying “You witnessed XX kill YY”
Hitlist – Players can add a person onto the Hitlist for money; this means if someone kills this player, they get the money from the Hitlist.
Attempts – This is where players can see who they’ve shot at, the time they shot and the outcome –dead or survived. It also shows the people and time they were shot at by others
Bank – This is where players should be able to send money to each other with a 10% tax and where they can deposit money in the bank so if they kept it there for 24 hours they earn 5% interest on it when it comes out.
Crew – A crew is like a group of people all in the same family, they have their own private forum, and it shows up on their profile what crew they are in, On this page, if they are not in a crew they should be able to see a page called make crew, where if they are a high enough rank, have enough cash, and there is a free crew spot , they can make a crew. They can also see all the crews that are willing for new applicants and can apply to them. If they are in a crew they should see all the members in their crew which are online and a page where they can donate to their crew bank. There should be 20 crew spots, if all members in the crew above a certain rank, around the middle of rank table are killed then the crew should drop and the spot become free.
Search – This is where a player can find another players profile by searching their name
Prison – This shows all the people in prison in a the city you are in, and the time they are in for, with break out written next to their name. if you click this they either go free from prison or stay in and the person who tried to break them out . People go to prison for a time between 60sec to 120 sec 1/5 times for failing a crime , or gta

Inbox – Where players can view their new msgs from players which they can either save to saved inbox, reply to, or delete. New msgs come up with a different background colours for the body of a msg, then once viewed, go back to the normal colours.

Inb0x – Where players can save special msgs to incase admin have to delete all msgs in inbox
Saved Inbox – Where players can view their saved messages
Send Message - Where a player can send another a private message
Game forum – Where users can post stuff about the game. Topics should be orderd by date last reply, i.e a post with a reply 1min ago would be above one with a reply 10min ago. The forum should be the same style as the one on downtown mafia where people can have an avatar, and a post count by their name, forum rep is not needed. When admins and moderators view the forum, they should be able to click on a post then have the option of making it an Important Topic, or Sticky topic , which makes it have a little symbol by it, and make it go to the top of forum and stay there no matter what, and to lock topics, so they can be viewed but no reply can be written, they should also have this option when posting a new topic, which would be seen at the top of the forum as in the downtown mafia one.
Off topic forum - same features of game forum, but for off topic stuff,
Classifieds forum – same features of game forum but for adverts for stuff
Crew Forum – Same features of game forum but crew members can only see their own crews forum, not other crews. Crew bosses and under bosses should also be able to make sticky topics, important topics and lock topics in their own crew forums.

Crimes –

. When a player starts playing they should only be able to see one crime then when they have got that to 50% the other should unlock, each successive crime should give out more cash and rankpoints. After a crime is attempted, a players should have to wait 2minutes before they can do another.

Drugs smuggle -

In each city the drugs should be different prices and they should fluctuate every so often, say by + or - $ 100 – name the drugs what you want we will change. As players get a higher rank they should be able to carry more drugs . Basically, people can make money by buying one place flying to another and selling for more, when they do this they should gain some rankpoints

Grand Theft Auto - This should look the same as the crime page, but they can see al options, but can start stealing cars till they have unlocked the 2nd crime. There should be around 10 different cars with varying value, just name the cars 1-10 and we can change. After each GTA a player must wait 4mins to do one again. All cars stolen should appear in a section called garage under the options to steal cars on the gta page.

Organised Crime – Big script. Should be 3 options. 2 man OC, 4 man OC, 8 man OC. The person who starts the oc invites the other members who get a msg in their inbox and can accept or decline at the OC page. Here they buy the equipment too use. Once they are ready they can leave the oc by clicking leave. There are 4 diff sets of equipment. Each one better than the one before it. The better the equipment used the more cash is given out. Also the higher the ranks in the OC the more rankpoints and cash given.

2 Man OC, 1 leader, 1 driver,
4 Man OC , 1 leader, 1 driver, 1 safe expert, 1 weapons expert

. The leader of the OC should be able to remove members and invite new ones at any time. To get a full understanding of how this works, I suggest trying one on bootleggers.us
A player should only be able to do an OC every 12 hours as it gives lots of rankpoints.

Fight Club – Players should be able to train themselves every 2minutes to get their experience up 5% at a time, then advancing to next level. Then can fight others for money, the one with highest level and experience wins.

Missions - Players can do missions to get money, they have to do the first one before they can see the next . There should be a picture space – we will ad picture, then description space for mission, we will add. 1st Mission – the player must do 10 successul crimes, then get a cash reward, 2nd mission – player must do 10 successful gta, gets cash reward, 3rd mission, must carry 100 units of drugs from one city to another, reward money and bullets, 4th mission, must do an OC and invite fake people, i.e not players, so when it invites them for the mission, they auto accept., - reward bullets and money , 5th- mission, must find a fake player called “hello” – we will change player, 6th mission – must kill this player – reward bullets and money.

Set rewards at what you want, we can change.

Stock Market - Players can invest in different companies, just call them what you want, have about 10, every 15min the stock prices change, you can hold more stocks as you are higher rank. The info you see is the price you bought at, and the price it is now, with maybe a little yellow or red triangle to show profit or loss.

Roulette – A standard roulette table with the normal payouts, one player owns the roulette in that city, so as there are 3 cities, there will be 3 roulette owners. The owner can set the maximum bet of the casino and give it to who they want, and see their profit.

Blackjack – standard blackjack, with stand or hit with normal payouts. Owner situation same as roulette

Race track – 8 different options with different odds, 1:2 up to 1:8, each with their respective payouts i.e bet on 1:6 and win u get 6x your bet. Owner situation same as roulette

Slot machines – standard slot machines different payouts for outcomes. Owner situation same as roueltte

All these casinos are demonstrated on the games mentioned at top of this document.

Poker – This will be a big script im assuming. It should be multiplayer with 4 players and be texas holdem style with all the hands. Players should be able to join a table they want and do all the things like check, call, raise or fold, the person with the best hand winning the cash. Players should also be able to make their own table and choose their ante (join in fee). There should be a 30sec time limit on each player for each round. So when it goes back up to 30 when its that players turn.

Lottery – Should be held once a week with people buying as many tickets as they can afford, the winner getting 85% of the total pot, and when they win they get a msg in their inbox congratulating them

Statistics page - should show how much money there is in the game. How many bullets. The amount of credits, the last 15 registered users with the time of registration. Last 15 deaths and time of death. All the current crews, their boss , underboss and how many total members they have, again have a look at the style on bootleggers or downtown mafia. If you click on a crew name it takes you to their crew profile.

Poll – Where players can vote on various polls the admins put up

Helpdesk – where players can submit a help ticket about the game and can see who the helpdesk operators are and how many tickets they have answered.

These are all the things that all players should see

Crew bosses and underbosses should see these

Crew panel – here they can kick players, withdraw money from crew bank, set a new underboss, edit the crew profile – i.e. the picture and quote.

Things newspaper editors should see

Editing page where they can write an article and then submit it to the newspaper where it will show up, they should also be able to make new editions where different articles will be shown.

Things Helpdesk operators should see

Help desk answer page where they can see all the tickets submitted, and then answer the ticket, the answer goes to the players inbox, when they have answered a ticket, it disappears from the page and it adds to the number of answers the hdo has done and shows up on the page where you can submit a ticket.

Things mods and admin should see

The moderators and admins should have a panel where they can control the game.
Here they should be able to:

Give a user money
Give a user credits
Reset a players oc timer
Take control of a bullet factory, casino ,airport, bank
Send a mass message to all players
Show up players with the same IP
Ban players so they can no longer log in.
Make a new poll to vote on.

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I have a copy of the game [login to view URL] here and you can buy it if you want. A friend of my created it but there are still quite some bugs in it and i can't fix those.. Make a bet if intrested.. :)

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