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I was told a couple of things about eBay's API.

First, I was told that if JavaScript was used, the call is used to do a search on eBay count toward the visitors IP address rather than my websites IP address. So, my idea is to use JavaScript for this project so I do not exceed the eBay API limit for my website.

However, I was then told that the calls are counted by your developer ID keys, not by IP address. If this is the case, then I would need to know what to do (and then have it done) so that my website does not exceed the eBay API call limit.

I do not know which of these are true.

Anyway, here is the project description, subject to change depending on which of these is true:

#1 modify my script so that it uses the eBay API for searches and wherever else it should. I believe that maybe the biggest part of the project. JavaScript needs to be used to do this because from what I understand, calls to the eBay API are counted by IP address and so the visitors IP address needs to be used rather than my website's, so I do not exceed my API call limit.

#2 Identify and fix the problem that causes a very few snipes to show that they have already executed and won, before it is time to execute. This then causes them not to execute at all.

#3 fix the script so that it shows all of the item information when a snipe is scheduled by item #. I think if you do #1, it will take care of this #3.

#4 test and fix the pre-snipe setup check feature. When someone chooses an item to schedule a snipe for, this feature is supposed to go to that eBay item and enter in a virtual bid, click the "Place bid" button, and make sure that the bid confirmation page is shown rather than some sort of notice that eBay sometimes adds to the bidding process before showing the bid confirmation page. I know sometimes possible recall notices are shown regarding the item, etc.

This feature may work some of the time, but apparently it does not work all of the time because when I look at the stats for the snipes, I can see that there are some snipes that could not execute because there was a notice shown after the "Place bid" button was clicked, rather than the eBay bid confirmation page. I can see this because there is a "response" link that is shown with each snipe, that if clicked, shows you the page that you would see after clicking the "Place bid" button on the eBay item listing page.

I would also like to give the members the option of having my script automatically work through these notices (all that is needed is to click a button on these notice pages) and place their bid for them. As it is now, the script is not capable of doing so. I had it made like that in the first place because I figured some people might want to know about the possible recall notices and other notices that are shown.

The winning bidder has to be able to focus on this project and give me daily updates.

Also, I am looking at the lower end of this budget range.


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