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Simple GeoIP PHP Script

I need a very simple GEOIP script implemented.

I know very little about programming so please bear with me.

I have bought the 50,000 Queries from MaxMind here: [url removed, login to view]

This is not their 220$ downloadable database that gets installed on your server, but the query based one - which seems easier to use and cheaper for what I need to do.

Now they even give example PHP Code on how to use those queries here: [url removed, login to view] (scroll down)

What I would like is to serve different content on a small part of one of my .html pages depending on the state/province/country a person is in.

So i would have a regular .html page, and I would like to have maybe a small paragraph with a picture or other stuff in it change or not show at all depending on the persons location.

If it would be easy to do, for example sometimes I would only want to show a certain snippet of code if a person is in a certain city/state, or maybe i would want to show all of the page content EXCEPT for certain cities/states/countries.

Id like this to be as easy as possible, maybe a .php file that I can amend to which you can give me certain snippets of code that I can put in and if i want to show my banner to a certain city/stte, id put xxxxxx code in and put in the city/state names inside, then upload and be finished.

Thing is that I have many different pages that need totally different requirements - for example on some Id only want to show my paragraph to 3 states, and to all other states/countries dont show the paragraph. On some other pages I would like to have it show the paragraph to everyone except for 1 certain state/city/country.

If you can write up the code that works with that MaxMind online query database (NOT the downloadable databases) and also make it easy for me to change it to my needs and move to other sites that I have.

Thank you!

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