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Simple XML and photo upload system


I am looking for a simple CMS system for my future Flash website that would have the following pages:

1. LOGIN: (1 username, password, read from a config file ) with Splas image in center.

2. MAIN: Links: Home, Media Manager, Gallery, News, Links and Other.

A XML of basic site data (short intro text, bio text etc) may be loaded into these fields (optional > the XML List manager below will work similarly).

3. MEDIA MANAGER - as kind of a file manager. Reads all subdirectories and allows to Delete, Rename, Move, Upload (multiple files preferred, up to 10).

Uploading is specific, so here's what I want:

Step 1: Load file (multiple files upload preferred, configurable max size)

Step 2: A) Crop or B) Auto-Resize

A) The Crop could be a simple Facebook-Style cropper with a pre-set width-height, for the main image to be displayed under some kind of frame of configurable dimensions (e.g. 790x444 pixels). Image is dragged and visible in the frame, zoom functions for the image. I really would like this to be in (and I'll choose the developer who includes that over one who doesn't) but unfortunately I can not pay more than $30 for this extra.

B) Automatized. Image is resized within pre-set dimensions.

Step 3: Generate and Save Main Image and Thumbnail. Thumbs and edited images can be saved in separate folder (configuration)

4. Gallery - will load info from XML file (see attachment). The XML file will be translated into a list of Photos, displaying a clickable list. The Clickable list is for placeholders of images (configurable Max Number, eg. 15, 20 etc.). Placeholder is clicked. If it is empty, one of the corresponding image-thumbnail pairs that were uploaded and cropped is selected. Once populated, the placeholders display the whole image, clickable to preview in popu, and can be changed with the Select Another button.

Drag&Drop in this case for rearranging the items is preferred but not absolutely necessary.

5. Links, News and other - Simple Text XML editor. List-based, clickable titles, editable attributes (perhaps, reading from a Schema file to determine attribute types such as Text Field - Single Line, Note/Larger Text, Date etc and then the editor could, ideally, adjust the way the info is put in.

Allows reordering of list items, editing details.

Goes for NEWS, LINKS, and loads any XML file specified.

My website I'd like to control is [url removed, login to view] and you can see the Gallery that would be administered, the rest will be a generic XML editor that will adapt to the structure of XML.

I have attached some screenshots of how I see it would work ideally. I will take suggestions or simplifications for functionality's and simplicity's sake.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of money for this available. Maybe someone has the pieces already together so it takes only a few hours to do. I'd really love to start on this and would like to have it in PHP (with Flash or JS if needed) within about 2-3 weeks. I will pay $30 in advance and the remainder upon receipt of code.

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