Small portal for assign jobs to software developers and freelancers.

I have 6+ month long project here on GAF that is Featured project. And I find that i need a tool that will help me with managing number of providers I need to work with.

I need a private portal website (maybe like elance/forum or may be not) where I can work with number of independent software developers that I put under the contract. It can included more functionality than what I list here, but it should at least have following:

Providers would need to register and provide information about themselves, list their skills and indicate level of expertise, as admin of the site I should be able to write a privet comment about each provider and small comment regarding each skill that they listed that they have.

Providers should NOT be able to talk with each other or reveal any information about who they are to each other. Any messages that other providers should be able to see have to be held for my approval, editing or censoring. No provider should know who are the other providers that are working on my project. Site is not public. everyone have to login to see anything. There should be forum for each module and I should be able to choose settings for that forum. approve each message, let only specific users to talk in it or see others talk or let all see or talk. Obviously I can talk in the forums too.

I need to list modules/jobs and indicate type of technology that needs to be used to accomplish it, and providers that had indicated specific technology they can do will get notified via email that there is a work for them on the site. Provider would login and put bid that other providers can see (time to complete, price (only I can control pricing format per module (options are per hour, per line of code, per module, ext) but other providers can't see any notes that provider had wrote addressed to me (site admin) regarding this module.

There should be place where each provider can see names of modules that they had bid on, won, and lost with $ amount summed up for each group. As admin I should be able to see what each provider sees.

Any provider should be able to initiate only private discussion with me in a for of a forum, they make a new topic and entire conversation is kept on the site.

I should be able to give each module to specific provider. and then write review that other member can see, rate each technology that was used in the project. I should be able to change names and numbers of technologies that are used in each project at any time. I should be able to control who and where can edit their comments or once written they can't be changed. maybe per topic & per comment locking.

Maybe there is something that is already there but works a little different but close enough. Tell me what is out there.

I don't want this to take a long time and it should be inexpensive because this is just so I can give providers real work.

I doesn't have to look high end, simple is good enough, but at least not be confusing or difficult to use for developers.

If there any additions or editing is made to the description of a module each provider that had bid on that module gets copy of addition or if its modification then comment that i can write regarding what was changed.

I just realized that in addition to "Forum" where participants have to manually reload pages to see if there were updates we also need IM like "Chat" and have server keep permanent record of each chat.

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