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Let me tell you a little bit about this project. It is called ResourceFile. We are dealing with people, books, websites, articles, show / sales events, organizations, tools, etc...that serve or have to do with the Antiques & Collectibles field....and later, all types of Re-Sellers of used and vintage stuff.

The goal is to network them, through a grass-roots, small local teams (<100) called A-Teams (Alliance Teams)...with each Team Leader setting the GamePlan or Goals for his A-Team. It might be certain markets and selling to those areas. Or it might be to BUILD a large referral network or directory of Appraisers or Auctioneers list...as we utilize a multi-tiered (5 levels) Affiliate Referral Commissions plan.

So one of the things I need to do is allow each MEMBER to have their own SugarCRM copy/set of private contacts as well as public (other members) contact records...while at the same time being in a collaborative GROUP type deal where they can SHARE information, documents, projects, goals, etc....within their A-Teams. Of Course, I, as Chief of the Tribe would have them ALL in my network/group (Administrator?).

Now this Marketing CO-OP --as I call it-- costs either $10/month or $20/mo...depending on who you are and what your role is. So if we handle this membership or subscription deal at the Webhosting level...like getting a Reseller's Hosting Plan whereby I CHARGE them their monthly fee, in order to have ACCESS...then perhaps we don't actually have to have a separate Membership Management script like "Post Member PRO"... But I was thinking that I'd first have a website -- [url removed, login to view] -- to contain the registration form and Post Member Pro's script from [url removed, login to view] which has the multi-tiered Affiliate program all included together. Then I thought I could PASS-OFF the registration information (and PROfile data about their interests and specialty areas)...to this new SugarCRM site's database, auto-registering them....and even ASSIGNING them to one or more A-Teams based on their physical location (by Zipcode) and demographic specialty area of expertise, as perhaps their secondary A-Team. Therefore linking them into two teams, one by proximity to their home, and the other by common interest or field of work/expertise.

One of the reasons I will be able to ATTRACT them to participate in this venture and PAY ME to become a MEMBER of this Marketing CO-OP is because I plan on sending them a lot of JOBS ( known as CASES in SugarCRM - need to change that word to JOBS) which, in turn they earn money from...either buying Antiques available for sale --from my contacts in the Estate Settlement business (see [url removed, login to view]) -- or Appraisal work, or Proxy Bidding work at Auctions.

SO... the focus of our efforts is initially on PEOPLE...of all stripes and types. Clients, Prospects, Leads, Buyers, Sellers, Friends, Relatives, Collectors, Traders, Dealers, Referral Resources, Web Pro's, all types that can help with this marketing NETwork to find and classify PEOPLE and their PROfile information. To do that I need to ADD a form or function or feature to SugarCRM to capture information on PROfile records (many records per each Contact). I am thinking of a simple grid or datasheet view form -- that has fields such as the following:

CATEGORY: from our table of 51 Antique categories and / or 12 Professional Service Categories

SUB-CATEGORY: a further breakdown, or specification under the Antique Categories -- I have about 600 all total of these Now, here's one little issue to deal with - we need a Category called "Other" - and if 'Other' then Sub-Category can be whatever they write in (not restricted to the picklist)

PROFILE TYPE: this DEFINES what this profile record IS... maybe it's their specialty area of expertise, or merely an INTEREST they have, or something they are on the lookout for someone else (a Wants & Needs), perhaps this record is about a Talent or skill they have and we could utilize, or maybe this is a Personal Collection they have...or a few others TYPES...all coming form a PROfileTypes table/picklist

LEVEL: tells us exactly HOW SKILLED, say on a scale of 1-5, or how high a priority/Wants & Needs, or whatever measure is appropriate.

ACTIVE?: Yes or No, On or Off

CREATED-ON: date put into the system

OK... so we add this set of descriptor records to each CONTACT record...as many as we need to fully understand and 'PROfile' this person. NOW, of course we need to be able to FIND people that match up in a QUERY search...when they have a certain type of Antique or Collectible available they'll be able to find the right people to contact that might be interested in it...or that COLLECT these things, or that have specifically asked them (a Member/User) to look for this kind of stuff.

And eventually we want to turn these people onto to stuff all over the country...by way of a customized EMAIL Report generated SPECIFICALLY matching THEIR own interests and needs. This eNewsletter will be called the Daily Sales Report and will also tell them of LOCAL EVENTS (estate sales, auctions, rummage sales, liquidations, etc.) as well as their custom tuned list of stuff for SALE or "Wanted to Buy".

All of that (the Daily Sales Report) is the result of our network building, matchmaking efforts and PROfiling record-keeping...in ResourceFile...BUT comes later on in Phase II. I just wanted you to know where I was headed with this.

Let me know what questions you have and about the issues I have raised but left unclear or unanswered.


Also I only respond to replies that address SPECIFICS about THIS particular RFP. So don't just send a autoresponder message saying you can do this or "pick me".



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