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WordPress Plugin Integration/Programming for Affiliate links

WordPress Plugin Integration/Programming for Affiliate links

I am trying to get low budget work because the site is still in development and does not produce any income.

There is a possibility for a longer term relationship in topics like WordPress site maintenance, debugging, upgrading, plugin counselling.

I need a functionality similar to this plugin, [url removed, login to view], but it does not work too well and has terrible formatting, and also lacks import/export functions.

Some features I need can be found here

[url removed, login to view]

BlogMechanics KeywordLink

I like its import/export function, very useful for larger numbers of links.

(feature 1) It automatically transforms keywords in a post into a link


one writes the word "programming job"

and it transforms it into a link to [url removed, login to view]

(feature 2) it also has a great import/export function (import is most important).

It can import a HUGE list of terms and links in comma separeated list format, like this line below

programming job, [url removed, login to view], some other parameter1, some other parameter 2,,,

(feature 3) not sure if the plugin do that, but I have 500-5000 items on my linklist, they cannot be totally un-optimized with linear search, if they were to do a search for every word in a post (someone please calculate how much load it would cause). Maybe it is tolerable, maybe the plugins already use mysql, which would probably a better idea


Now the other plugin that has most of the rest that I need

[url removed, login to view]

(feature 4) It converts external affiliate links into internal links

so instead of a link to

[url removed, login to view]

I can get a link to

[url removed, login to view]

(feature 5) gocodes has a clickthrough counter.

(feature 5a) It can be set to zero, but only individually.

(feature 6) It would be good to be able to EXPORT clickthrough data of all links to comma delimited list, and then zero ALL click counters

What is lacking ?

(feature 7) gocodes does not have an import function

I want to import from a comma delimited list, as the "keyword link plugin" does perfectly.

so the code from "keyword link plugin could be used and adapted

Ideally, the import function would ignore the first 10 columns, which contain data for KeywordLink

Possible alternatives:

** programming an import function for gocodes would be great. Advantage: looks like a simple good program

** Alternatively, an import function for wpmarketer could be devised.

I am not sure how stable this is, if it changes the database text, if it works right

also would need better formatted output, the output is terrible.

Positive: WPmarketer allows not only links, but also javascript and banner ads. Mainly google adword links would be of interest. (feature 8)

Not sure how that integrates into the other 2 softwares,

I might consider leaving this out, or leaving this to a separate ad software (any suggestions?)

( feature 9)

simplicity, stable in upgrades, no danger of corrupting wordpress database.

also, we can hope that the 2 underlying plugins will be upgraded in the future,

so the additional functions should probably be modular


** Oh, as an aggravation, some links may be direct, and do NOT need gocode, only keyword link, so in the import function, blank lines should be ignored by gocode importer (especially internal links do not need translation)

** Also, can you see if both of these plugins work reasonably optimized for a list of 500-5000 links? a linear search, word by word, might bog down the server.

** The same for wp-marketer in case we would use it. Need to see if it is not hopelessly inefficient.

** wpmarketer can not only insert simple links but also javascript tags (there we have a problem with comma separated lists as there could be commas in the code!!). But I probably could live without that feature, as I mentioned already

Any way you can do either

** an equivalent import function, as in your link, for gocode. Or maybe for wp-marketer?

** or already sort of a total integration of both these plugins? Would be a good piece of software. But would probably lose the simplicity, better use existing software that might be normally upgraded

** or suggest some other functioning software that does what I need?

** maybe wpmarketer with import function and better output formatting?

** Note that I am not sure if any of these plugins work well in actual production work, I just did some basic small scale testing. So an expert in WordPress plugins would be the most approptiate programmer

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