MP3 Player for Working out


I will try to clarify this project a bit better.

1. Need an MP3 player, software, that will install on Win7, XP, Vista. MAC would be nice too.

2. Flash is fine, whatever is simple for a novice user to install on their PC or laptop.

I mention HIIT (High Impact Interval Training) and Tabata only because it will help you understand the project. THis player

is going to be used for HIIT and Tabata training.

- So i want to be able to IMPORT an MP3 song or multiple songs like you can with Itunes etc..

So lets say my workout is going to be 60 minutes.

My warm up is 10 minutes

My warm down is 10 minutes

This leaves me 40 minutes of working out

An interval is the time you workout hard + rest time

There are many variations of HIIT. SOme people like to rest longer than others.

So for me, during that 40 minutes, i will workout hard, all out for 60 seconds, then rest for 120 seconds.

So for the 60 seconds, i want the music loud. For the 120 seconds i want the volume to drop. The purpose of this is to

know when i am supposed to be working out and the volume dropping notifies me its time to rest.

SO, follow this.

10 minute warm up. Music is playing where the user places the volume.

upon completion of 10 minutes of warm up, its time to workout hard for 60 seconds.

60 seconds the volume goes up higher. After 60 seconds, the volume drops drastically. You can still hear it but its not

as loud.

120 seconds the volume is low. After 120 seconds, the volume goes loud again.

This repeats. This is called the interval.

I want to be able to choose how many intervals i do.

So lets pretend i selected 10 intervals. 10 intervals would be

60 seconds (hard workout) - LOUD Music

120 seconds (rest) - quiet but you can hear it

This repeats 10x for 10 intervals.

After the 10 intervals are completed, i would then rest for 10 minutes.

for the 10 minutes of rest, the volume drops down. Not as low as when i was 'resting' though.

If its possible, include a beep countdown. This means that say i am working out hard for 60 seconds, that the last 5 seconds

have beeps included so i know i am close to being finished with my 60 seconds.

Same with the 120 seconds rest. 5 seconds before my rest period is over, i want to hear the beeps so i know its almost time

to workout hard again.

I want to be able to choose:

Warm up period - In minutes

Workout period - in minutes

rest period - in minutes

warm down period - in minutes

and beep period - in seconds (1-10 seconds)

So there will be 5 options for the user to choose from.

The record function is for the user to be able to record the MP3 to meet their need, the time they want to warm up, workout, rest,

warm down and output that MP3 so they can load it onto an IPOD or other MP3 player of choice.

The MP3 would then play exactly how the person wanted it. It would have a warm up, workout, rest, warm down built into it.

I hope that clears it up :)

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