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Delta API for Portfolio Monitoring

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$10-30 USD

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I'm seeking a proficient developer to craft a custom API script for me, aimed at enhancing how I monitor my portfolio's performance on Delta Exchange. This script needs to intelligently close trading positions based on predefined profit and loss (PNL) criteria, enabling me to better manage and optimize my cryptocurrency portfolio. Here's what I'm specifically looking for: - **Custom API Development**: The script should be exclusively tailored to interact with Delta Exchange, ensuring seamless communication and real-time data processing. - **Language Preference**: It is essential that this script is written in Python, taking advantage of its robust libraries and frameworks suited for financial and data analysis tasks. - **Functionality Requirements**: - Automatically close trading positions once they reach a certain PNL threshold. - Real-time monitoring of portfolio performance with minimal latency. - User-friendly configuration options for setting PNL thresholds and other relevant parameters. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - **Expertise in Cryptocurrency APIs**: Familiarity with Delta Exchange's API documentation and a solid understanding of cryptocurrency trading nuances. - **Proficiency in Python**: Demonstrable experience in writing efficient and reliable Python scripts, preferably with projects related to finance or trading. - **Algorithmic Trading Knowledge**: Insight into trading algorithms, specifically those that can calculate and execute based on PNL analysis. - **Data Security Awareness**: As this script deals with sensitive financial data, a strong emphasis on security and data protection practices is essential. This project calls for a detail-oriented freelancer who can deliver a solution that is not just functional but also robust and user-friendly. If you have the skills and experience I'm looking for, please reach out with your proposal.
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Hi, I am interested in the project, I will use the delta API and build a bot that will close the trade positions based on predefined profit and loss, using this bot you will also be able to track your crypto portfolio positions. I have completed many similar projects too. You can check my profile to see my past project reviews I am a Python Developer and Algorithmic Trader, I have experience in programming for more than 6 years. I have built trading bots using stocks exchange(TdAmeritrade,Interactive brokers, Angelone, zerodha)API and crypto exchanges(binance,kucoin,huobi). I have built trading bots with the strategy implemented and technical indicators (SMA, VWAP,bollinger band). I also have experience converting pinescript (trading view) code to python. I have experience with zipline, backtrader and Quantconnect. Thanks, Mudassar
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Namaste Solution: As an experienced freelancer, I understand the importance of having efficient and reliable tools to monitor and manage portfolio performance on trading platforms. In this regard, I present a customized solution for developing a Delta API for portfolio monitoring. The primary goal of this project is to enable traders to effectively track their portfolio's performance on Delta Exchange and make data-driven decisions to optimize their investments. The delta api script will provide real-time updates on trading positions and intelligently close them based on predefined profit and loss criteria. The development process will involve crafting a script that integrates with Delta Exchange's API and runs in the background for continuous monitoring. The script will retrieve and analyze data from the exchange to determine the profit and loss of each position in the portfolio. Based on the defined pnl criteria, the script will automatically close positions to optimize the portfolio's overall performance. To ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency, the script will be designed to run at regular intervals, providing real-time updates on the portfolio's performance. The frequency of the updates can be customized to suit the trader's requirements. In addition to monitoring and closing positions, the Delta API will also provide a comprehensive dashboard to visualize the portfolio's performance over time. The dashboard will display key metrics such as overall pnl, pnl percentage, and daily trades, among others. Key features of the Delta API for portfolio monitoring include: 1. Customizable PNL criteria - The script will allow traders to set their own profit and loss criteria to suit their trading strategies. 2. Real-time updates - The script will run at regular intervals to provide real-time updates on trading positions and portfolio performance. 3. Intelligent position closure - The Delta API script will intelligently close positions based on predefined PNL criteria, ensuring the best possible returns. 4. Comprehensive dashboard - The API will include a user-friendly and customizable dashboard to monitor portfolio performance and key metrics. 5. Easy integration - The script will be developed to easily integrate with Delta Exchange's API for a seamless user experience. Overall, the Delta API for portfolio monitoring will provide traders with an efficient and reliable solution to track their portfolio's performance and make informed investment decisions. As a freelance developer, I am committed to delivering a robust and customizable script that meets all your requirements. Let's collaborate and enhance your trading experience on Delta Exchange. Best regards, Giáp Văn Hưng
$160 USD dalam 7 hari
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Let my expertise help optimize your Delta Exchange portfolio management today! With extensive experience in Python programming, I am well-versed in creating intricate solutions that cater specifically to an application's needs. I understand the importance of real-time monitoring and the significance of prompt action based on thresholds, which is where comprehensive knowledge of finance and algorithmic trading comes into play. My proficiency in working with cryptocurrency APIs, while prioritizing data security practices, will guarantee a robust and secure solution. Additionally, my team and I have an established track record in developing web applications for various domains including finance. Our domain expertise coupled with our problem-solving skills allows us to offer unique insights and effective solutions tailored to meet your requirements. In choosing me for your project, you're choosing a developer who values open communication, timely delivery, and quality work. My transparent work process will enable you to track our progress at every step, ensuring maximum transparency.
$20 USD dalam 7 hari
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