Research into science / maths teachers in US-CA/MA

Research into teacher recruitment, training, quality, and retention in California, and Massachusetts.

This is a research project to help answer questions about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) teachers.

In particular, given that there are limited numbers of people graduating each year in these subjects, does the presence of all the high-tech companies in areas such as silicon valley and parts of Massachusetts make it harder for schools to recruit enough good people to teach these subjects – i.e. are they all going into industry instead? And what are schools, teacher training providers, and the government doing about it?

The research must focus on these two geographical areas: Silicon Valley, and Massachusetts (particularly the high-tech industry areas).

More detailed research questions are provided in the attached brief.

The research should:

[] Provide as detailed and thorough a response as possible to the research questions – using the most recent data possible

[] Cite all sources

[] Provide a complete bibliography and suggested follow up reading

[] Be provided in MS Word format

[] Provide source data for any graphs, charts, etc. in an editable format (I will be compiling this research into a report and will want to edit and style all the graphs myself).

It is difficult to specify the number of pages I would like as I am not sure how much information is available on this topic, but ideally 20-40 pages in total would be about right.

Please Provide a Sample while placing a Bid. Bids without Sample will not be considered.


Completed within three weeks of awarding the project.


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