scala super small assignment (5 hours estimate)

Aggregate Service

Aggregate service is a simple REST service implemented with Spray which provides sum, mean and max functionality for different numeric types.

The service accepts only POST requests with a JSON payload as follows:

Request: json { "function": "sum", "values": "12.0, 13.00, 23.42", "valueType": "double" }

Response: json { "result": "48.42" }

How to run the server:

sbt run => Starts the server at localhost:9090

How to change the default host or port:

This can be done by changing the default values for the host and port in the [url removed, login to view] file.


In the given sbt project the code responsible to start the server, receive messages and send the response back, together with marshalling and unmarshalling of messages is written in Scala and located in the [url removed, login to view] package. The basic implementation of aggregate functions is written in Java and located at [url removed, login to view] package. At the moment only the sum function is implemented. We would like you to:

Convert all Java code to Scala.

Implement the remaining aggregate functions for the given types.

Add support for BigDecimal type.

Add the tests you see fit to show the functionality works as intended, also in Scala, for all aggregate functionality.

We encourage you to make changes to the aggregate functionality to improve the quality/readability of the code. We don't expect you to make changes in the server code (except for adding support for the BigDecimal type in the doAggregate function of [url removed, login to view]), but feel free to do so if necessary or when you see room for improvement.

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