Database driven admin system

1. Database Form Development

1.1 The freelancer shall build a web interface with the necessary coding to enable easy additional development.

1.2 The website should enable an online registration and information entry using a user friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI). All information entered on the website should give the user the choice to see and enter information in three languages; English (reference), Arabic and Kurdish.

1.3 The information should automatically transfer from the GUI to a database, preferably Oracle based (though other types may also work fine). The information on the database should be organized to interface to both engineering and licensing tools. Transfer protocols should be developed that are compliant with ATDI software.

The key areas that the data entry should perform:

2 On-Line user registration and verification

2.1 The user should be able to register online and provide information that will be used later to identify him as a returning user and retrieve the special license application.

2.2 The user should be able to receive email and or messages that relate to either queries or results of an application that was made previously.

2.3 The form should allow the existing user to enter Id and password and allow the user to access and modify personal data only.

2.4 The user should be able to enter the type of form relating to the type of service he is applying or updating or terminating through selecting a from pop-up menu. Typical licenses are: TV, Radio, WLL, and Mobile.

3. Applicants Forms completion

3.1 There should be a Form of each type of broadcast, and Telecom license application.

3.2 A user can submit multiple forms if he is applying for more than one service.

3.3 If it is web form, verification process should be done on line.

The user must complete a form by entering details such as:

· Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address

· Specify if: Person or company

· Unique ID and password to allow him to follow up on future visits.

· The form should also verify to avoid duplicate name and address etc.

· The dialogue should ask if he/she has established a profile or applied for on-line license before or not.

4. Maintenance

4.1 The freelancer must provide notes for me on creating, removing, and modifying forms and fields in Database and License Application.

4.2 The freelancer must develop a user interface for simplifying the entry and modification process by the user.

4.3 The freelancer must enable data to be entered directly into an Oracle database for further processing and cross referencing.

4.4 The form should incorporate the ability to show/ hide license and other person information that are confidential to the user.

5. Online licensing Applications and verifications:

The developer should clearly provide a package that enables online access for a variety of licenses, such as; Radio, TV, WiFi, and other licenses. The applicant should be able to enter any information relating to the service he/she intends to apply for a license.

Examples of the information about the licenses types and details:

· Specify type of service (type of license) for the applicants.

· Classification of each license.

· Applying for new license, renewal, cancellation of license should be mentioned.

· License written as form.

· No. of licenses that applicant can get it.

· Follow up license, accept it, and award it, implementation, testing, operation.

· Determine license priority.

· Search engine for licenses will depend on type of service and date of broadcasting.

· On-line validation rules shall be modifiable and updatable by NCMC IT engineers.

6. Departments Responsibilities

6.1. "Licensing Department"

6.1.1 Licensing Department will be able to access to the database containing the on-line user data entry. Multi-level access and editing through password should be enabled.

6.1.2 The Licensing department should also be able to maintain the Databases contents. They will be responsible for entering data and filling forms.

6.1.3 "IT department" (or me in other words) will modify and expand the Database; interface, fields, adding, removing, and modifying forms.

6.1.4 The database should have an automatic indicator showing the time, date, and username of the person from the Licensing department who modified the database and worked on the license.

6.1.5 The licensing department should be able to create a new form for a user who sent the form by; ordinary mail, email or any method other than on-line. The records of the transaction of the license database entry should be supplied either via email to the requesting user, or printable form.

6.1.6 The freelancer shall develop an alert system to inform the licensing department once a new form has been submitted either by direct on-line entry or by e-mail. The alert can be either (i) in the form of a message to the licensing department employee or manager upon logging or in the form of (2) email sent to an appropriate person.

6.2. Finance Department

The accounting department shall have the following capabilities:

6.2.1 A copy of the License application form shall be sent to the accounting department via a similar alert system above. The finance administrative person will have access to the form to inform the applicant of the fees required, method of payment, confirmation of payment etc.

6.2.2 The freelancer shall develop a system to enable a notice or alert to be sent via email to the applicant as well as printing invoice and receipt of the transaction for the record.

6.2.3 On-line access by the accountant shall be through entering his user name and password that allow him to access database fields and assess the related fees and period of license without need to refer back to licensing department.

6.2.4 The licenses fees are determined by the period of license applied for.

6.2.5 Similar to the alert system above the accounting department shall receive an alert by accessing the on-line licensing or by e- mail whenever there is an application entered by a user.

6.2.6 The accounting department shall be able to send an invoice to the applicants once a decision is made that the license is granted by licensing dept.

6.2.7 The fee schedule shall be accessible on-line at the time the applicant’s information has been verified.

6.2.8 The fees applicable shall be entered automatically in the license application form using a predefined look up table. There is a different fee for each type of licenses (TV, Radio, WiFi, etc) and related to the duration and class of license that is applied for.

This is a major project for a Government run organisation. The budget is up to $5000 approx. I feel that I will only seriously consider those who can demonstrate similar LARGE scale projects, delivered on time, using an Oracle Database (I am not convinced MySQL is the way here). Please do not bid unless you are also comfortable with covering the need for data input to be in Arabic and Kurdish.

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