Script Needed Immediately

I am looking for someone who can clone eek records and add the following to it:

1. An easy to use admin area w/ simple user interface (as I am not very tech/computer savvy) to stop and start the script

2. Must have ability to use multiple bots to create accounts and allow multiple users to log in from various location and use the script as well– by inputting myspace captcha and it should be able to make an account (which would create a random password, user name, and other basic sign up information that myspace requires)

3. Once the account is created, the script must allow the bots to cycle through all the myspace accounts and message people (with whatever message that I have chosen to message at that particular time)

4. this script should also have a ID collector.. perhaps in the admin area you could place your friends ID in there and the script would go through and message your friends friends.. as it cycles through the script it will sort out the friends that have already been messaged from the ones who did not.. just like eek records adder..

5. in the admin area it should have a place where you can select how many accounts should be cycled at once.. I.e the script could either log in to one myspace account on the accounts list or.. if you'd like it would log into 10 at a time..

6. the script should have a pause and resume area..

7. overall messages sent using the script should be in a stat area as well as messages sent that day.. myspace allows each user to send 400 messages a day..

8. outside of all this.. in the admin area.. I would love to be able accept incoming friend request from whoever wishes to be my friend...


5 bots messaging people up to 400 people per bot would be 2000 messages sent in one day with both bots.. these bots may have messages like:

Add my friend Joseph or whatever.. and an add button.. now.. Joseph will probably get a couple friend request from people.. I'd like the script to log into Joseph’s or whatever account I set up..and accept any new friend request.. the script approving friends twice a day should be fine..

Payment: Money will be placed in escrow on GAF and released upon successful testing of the script and uploading to my server.


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