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220925 Aggressive SEO Project


BIDDERS – Only bid if you have significant experience and knowledge in SEO.

Website will be revealed to top 3 bidders.

Top 3 bidders must sign NDA and Confidentiality.

Website Description

Which Country has the Most Beautiful Women? Our website is the largest and first website offering more than 8,000 high quality pictures of beautiful women from around the world. Over the past two years, we have purchased and collected these photographs from various photographers and beautiful women in different countries. (Our pictures have digital watermarks) These original pictures are randomly displayed in a simple slideshow format with the city, state and country listed beneath each picture. This website is targeted at all men, around the world, who are interested in looking at attractive women from other countries and different ethnicities. Within this website, the first 150 pictures are free and then the visitor will be asked to subscribe (only $5.00 USD per month) to continue viewing the pictures. All members with recurring subscriptions will be entered into a weekly drawing for $500.00 cash. Since this website is safe to view at the workplace/office, this is an excellent website for men who work in an office and are interested in looking at a website while taking a break. There is absolutely no pornography or nudity allowed on this site. There will not be any links or affiliations to adult websites. We do not think this website is no longer in the google sandbox.

Subscriptions will be the primary source of revenues. Ads will be the secondary source of revenue.

Primary Goals

1. Maximize conversion rate

2. Achieve highest Google ranking

3. Increase member retention rate

4. Increase picture upload by visitors and members

Target Audience - Worldwide

•Single men between 18 and 45 in all countries

•Men interested in women from other countries or cultures

•Men thinking of marrying women from other countries

•Men who have a strong attraction to women of certain ethnicities: i.e. Asian, Italian, Brazilian etc.

•Men who work in an office on a daily basis and need a break from their work

•Women who want to post their picture on the website to gain popularity and attention

•Anyone who wants to participate in the weekly drawing for $500.00

Expectations of SEO Provider

1. Significant experience and knowledge of SEO

2. SEO and PPC management

3. Website maintenance and reporting

4. Assist in creating Long Term growth strategy

5. Maximize: daily visitors, conversion rate, membership retention rate, and Google ranking

6. Internet campaign to promote website and get people to upload their pictures of beautiful women

7. Help develop effective program for: Affiliate advertising, Email marketing and Banner advertising.

8. Immediate results

SEO Expectations and PPC Management

Primary Goal: Organic traffic of 15,000 visits per day within 5 months (month 1: 2000 visits daily, month 2: 3000 visits daily, month 3: 6,000 visits daily, month 4: 9,000 visits daily, month 5: 15,000 visits daily.)

Secondary Goal: #1 Google ranking for 5 keywords/phrases – by month 5. (Keywords: Beautiful women, hot girls, Asian girls, girls pics, beautiful girls)

Third Goal: Target conversion rate: 8% by month 5.


•Thorough Website research and analysis

•Analysis and report of top 5 competitors

•Identify largest and highest ranking competitors and review source code to determine keywords, keyword density, affiliates, and advertising methodology.

•Analysis of search engine presence and visibility – provide recommendations

•SEO emphasis on Yahoo and MSN while website is in Google Sandbox –

PPC and Keywords

•5 Keywords/keyword phrases will be provided by client.

•Keyword analysis, creation and suggestion – recommend 5 additional keywords

•Check for competition and search volumes of keywords selected

•Keyword Ranking report – monitor ranking and effectiveness of keywords, CPC, CTR etc.

•An additional list of up to 200 keywords will be provided by client.

•Maintain keyword density and Page focus for the keywords - no excessive use of keywords etc.

•Recommend a daily PPC budget for the best return on investment

•PPC Search Engines: Google, Yahoo/Overture, and MSN.

•Create and strategically place landing pages to receive PPC traffic. Convert PPC visitors to subscribing customers. (example: Google PPC ad reads: “Beautiful Asian Girls”. When user clicks on this PPC ad, they will arrive at a landing page with many free sample pictures of Asian girls and if they subscribe, they will have access to many pictures of beautiful Asian girls.)

•Optimize daily budget for PPC – highest conversions per dollar spent

•Heavy PPC during first 4 months or until website is out of sandbox

•PPC marketing campaign. CPC management.

General SEO (These are guidelines, not requirements)

•Manually submit website to top 5 search engines and directories

•On-page optimization – create title tags, alt tags and meta tags. Modify code to improve ranking

•No link farming or spamming

•[url removed, login to view] File Creation – restrict spiders from indexing certain SEO files or folders

•Press releases and press release management

•Minimal affiliation with Pornographic or Adult websites.

•Optimize: Anchor text, HTML page titles, title tags and visible HTML text

•Create, install and optimize Meta tags

•Add alt pages, keyword hyperlinks, and anchor text.

•Traffic analysis via Google Analytics

•Majority of traffic should come from top 5 search engines.

•Static pages preferred. No dynamic URLs, No FFA, No link farming, no spamming.

•Optimize content and improve or change navigation structure

•XML Site-map creation, customized 404 error page, [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view]

•Addition of Google Tracker and Conversion Tracker

•Title Tag optimization using the relevant keywords/ key phrases

•Visitor Traffic Analysis, Report and Keyword Traffic counter

•Optimize JavaScript and CSS codes

•Editing page content and adding optimized content

•Adding new pages to the website with optimized content

•Improving/changing navigation

•Add meta data to all pages on the site and add alt tags to selected graphics and images on the site

•Social network marketing

•Bi-Monthly telephone call with client for progress reports to determine effectiveness of SEO

•Majority of work completed in first month.

•Immediate results

•Competitive pricing

•Create Sitemap in HTML and XML to be submitted to Google sitemaps program.

•SEO work would be performed while website it live. Minimal downtime.

1. Link Building

•Creation of quality and permanent inbound links and inbound link anchor text

•Link Building: create reciprocal and one-way theme related links to other websites

•Monthly link building

•Review inbound link popularity of competitors.

•Optimize internal linking structure

•Minimal outgoing links

•Adding around 50 one way links / month. One link/IP

2. Articles

•Article creation and submission.

•Article Syndication

•Article analysis and improvement. 10 genuine and actual articles (15% keyword density) will be submitted by client.

•We will be submitting articles in various article directories using our targeted keywords in anchor texts.

•We will make 100 submissions / month and you can expect 25 approvals / month.

3. Banner Advertising Campaign

•Promote website and brand through banner advertising on popular websites

•Budget: $100 for 100,000 impressions per month

•Create 2 banners and “split test” for banner design effectiveness

4. Press releases and press release management

•We will create press releases for marketing our site and will submit it to various press release distribution sites.

5. Blog promotion

•We will be promoting your website through various Blog directories creating a Blog for your site and updating it.

6. Social bookmaking

•We will be submitting different articles in various social bookmaking sites to improve traffic to your site.

7. PPC – Budget $100/day

•We will be setting up the campaign, making keyword analysis and ad group creation including ad creation etc. for the PPC.

•We will also be making necessary changes with your ads and ad groups to improve your campaign performance.

Primary Goals:

•Traffic of 2500 visits per day within 45 working days.

•PPC Campaign and list of best keywords for PPC.

Secondary Goal:

•Visitor's conversion of 3% within Forty five working days.

•Organic traffic of 15,000 visitors with 8% conversion. (Applicable only if the project is extended to Five months).

Assist in creating Long Term growth strategy

Focus of Strategy:

• Consistent and increased growth in memberships and revenues

• Increase conversion rate (turning visitors into paid subscribing members)

• Increase membership retention (minimize number of members canceling their subscription)

• Increase position and ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN and major search engines

• Increase daily visitors from search engines and organic rankings

• Prevent or minimize direct competitors and imitation websites

• Branding – Brand strength, popularity and exclusivity (The largest collection of beautiful women)

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