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Within the UK and Europe we have a new billing system utilising sms (text messages) as a billing system. I am currently seeking a programmer/s to develop a system for me. Chain of company’s involved:- 1) Mobile phone company (such as vodafone in UK) 2) Gateway provider (these provide a link to the mobile company) 3) My company/system 4) Websites signed up to the system System running:- Websurfer on a website signed upto the system will send an sms message to a special short code number (eg 87050 this number tells the mobile company to route the message through to the gateway provider) Contained in the message are a few things:- 1) a keyword eg. START (this tells the gateway provider to send the message details through to my server/system) 2) a sub keyword eg. SEX (this will be used by the system to identify the website it is related to.) The messages will be sent to my server through a standard HTTP GET request. Once the system has the message it needs to enter the details into the database and automatically create a pin code to send back to the user and then send it back to the gateway provider. Once the gateway provider has the message they send back a delivery report this report tells us if the message has been delivered, failed or buffered. If the message has been delivered our system then needs to place the pin code on the website to allow access for the surfer who sent the original message. If it is failed then we do nothing and delete the info from the system. If it has been buffered then we need to keep the info for upto 48 hrs. During this time the mobile company will keep trying to deliver the message to the end user, once this is done we can then send the pin code to the website as above. The system also needs an account management side, as every message delivered to an end user is charged at a premium rate of £1.50 ($1) per message. I need to be able to set the amount the website owner receives ie 50p or 50 cents. And this info has to be entered into the webmasters stats and account section so they can view how many messages have been sent therefore how much money they have received. The webmaster also needs to be able to choose the amount of time a end user is aloud on their website for, in relation to the money they have been charged. I will list the times and number of messages for each. 1) 1 hr - 1 message 2) 1 hr - 2 messages 3) 24 hrs - 1 message 4) 24 hrs - 2 messages 5) 1 week - 1 message per day 6) 1 week - 2 messages per day 7) 30 days - 1 message per day 8) 30 days - 2 messages per day etc etc When a user then logs into a website it needs to then be timed, so once the options above run out they are no longer aloud on the website. I will be mainly targeting adult related websites so most of the access will be through .htaccess. However I would also like to allow for downloads for pdf's, mp3's etc etc and also streaming media charged at a per min rate. I hope that my explanation hasn’t been to confusing but I can give you added details if you need them. For a full explanation of the sms codes and what info will be sent by the gateway provider please visit their website at [url removed, login to view] I am wanting the system running asap so please provide a total cost and timescale for completion. Regards Aaron

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