Social network app

Facebook/myspace/bebo/ internal app

I need an app that sits on users' profile ages in a social network like facebook, myspace or bebo,

1. the app needs to integrate with google adsense so that it presents itself as a web page to adsense with content (user's profile and friends' profile pages), and the content displayed varies according to the user’s and visitors' profile page contents.

2. The app must allow each user to have an account with us, and they get payment for publishing their social space to us.

3. The system has to scan the text and present it as a webpage, and the text on the profile page and on the profile pages of friends goes through the adsense program.

4. Each time a friend of the person visits user's page, the program scans the friend’s profile page and displays a relevant advert by sending back info to google about the friend’s profile page.

5. The main program components are a) adsense, b) facebook/myspace application and c) users

6. Program functions are:-

a. Scanning the keywords and profile pages of users and their visitors

b. Presenting this info as a webpage to adsense

c. Receiving and displaying an ad from google adsense in a box on the user's profile page, whether text or an image based ad.

d. Allowing users to maintain accounts with us and get paid for exposing themselves to adverts

e. Keeping track of clicks and impressions, then feeding this back to adsense if necessary

f. The application lets users maintain accounts and track their payments automatically.


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