Color Lines in schematic. -- 2

Project will be done in Delphi XE7.

Project must compile in Delphi XE7 with no errors.

1. I need to open a PDF / JPG file of a schematic.

Most old schematics are black and white.

1b. Convert the schematics to an image format that is good for resizing or zoom in zoom out .(Vector Maybe).

These files are old and need to be able to scale up and down with out loosing quality so you can read the schematic .

1c. Clean up the lines . Some of the lines in the schematics are jagged and not well defined so cleaning up the existing schematic before any line clicking and coloring is done.

2. Click on a black or colered line in the schematic and color that line and every thing connected to it with a color from the color pallet.


Newer schematics have colored lines so I still need to be able to click on a line in a schematic and color it with my own color and color every thing that is connected to it.


I have done an example in MS paint here.

[url removed, login to view]

You can see some black lines that i did not color . I did not color all of them to show you how it looks with out the line being coloer.


When you are reading a schematic and the line comes to a circle that circle means it is connecting that line with the other line.


All the circles should be colored as well as the line . In my example I just colored up to the circles to show the importance of the circles.

When you place your bid use the word "popcorn" so I know you read these bid requirements.

Newer schematics use colored lines already, but i will still want to be able to click on a line and be able to color it with my own color.

If you can click on a line and color that line and everything connected to it ,then it is very easy to trace down the components on that line and check them.


Notice IC3 in the example i posted . It has no internal connections so there will only be a colerd line going to the pin and stop.

3. Color all lines procedure

This procedure will try to color all lines in the schematics and every thing it is connected to using different random colors for each different line.

4. After converting and cleaning up the schematic , and coloring any lines it will be necessary to be able to click and drag the image all around to see all the schematic like the hand in adobe reader.

4b. It will be necessary to zoom in and zoom out on the schematic to be able to read it properly.

5. The goal if this project is to be able to click on a line in a schematic and color that line and every component connected to it the same color. This makes it easy to see every thing connected in that line on the schematic.


You can select a different color from the color pallet and click on a different line and color it and so on.

6. I prefer a small demo .exe that I can click on the lines of the included schematic and watch them being colored just to see that you understand how the project should work . Then I could accept your bid with confidence.

Please ask any questions you have before you place your bid.

My Budget is 100.00 USD

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