Verify PDF


Tools: HP QTP 10 and QC 10.0

I also installed Adobe Acrobat (trial version for now).

My requirement is to verify a text in a PDF file to make sure PDF file is opened succesfully.

I am using below code to achieve this,I am looking for some help on how to modify it per my requirement.


Set IE = CreateObject("[url removed, login to view]")

[url removed, login to view] = True

'Browse to the site

[url removed, login to view] "http://xxxxxxx/[url removed, login to view]"

'Click on PDf File



'PDF File is loaded, verify text in PDF

'I used below code from this site:

'[url removed, login to view]


Dim AcroApp,AcroAVDoc

Dim gPDFPath,bReset,nCount

Set AcroApp = CreateObject("[url removed, login to view]")

[url removed, login to view]()

Set AcroAVDoc = CreateObject("[url removed, login to view]")

[url removed, login to view]()


Do While [url removed, login to view]("xPDF",True,True,bReset)

bReset= False:ncount=ncount+1

Exit do

wait 0,10


[url removed, login to view]()

[url removed, login to view]()

Print "the word 'xxxPDF' was found" &ncount& "times."

Set AcroApp = Nothing


I am able to open PDF file from [url removed, login to view] how do I modify code to read text from opened PDF file?

I do see that Adobe Acrobat Pro is opened on my machine and sits there not knowing what to do may be because because PDf file is retrieved from webpage and not [url removed, login to view] do I tell to access/search the PDF that is already opened.

Please help me resolve the issue or guide.I appreciate your feedback.

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