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Sedimentary rocks

Sedimentary Rocks

First What are sedimentary rocks? - Includes constructs that were created by mechanical or chemical processing of igneous, metamorphic and / or older sedimentary rocks.

Second Stages of sedimentary rocks? - Consumption of igneous, metamorphic and older sedimentary rocks (rocks decay processes) transmission and / or transport of material deposition or sedimentation diagenesis.

Third Types of weathering? - There are two basic types of weathering: physical, chemical and biological. Physical weathering is generally only fragmentation without creating new autigenih minerals. Chemical weathering of rocks occurs under the action of oxygen, carbonic acid and water, especially in relation to its temperature and pH concentrations.

4th Causes of physical disintegration of rocks? - Unidirectional pressure due to leakage, insulation, hydration-dehydration, freezing-thawing, erosion.

5th The most important processes of chemical decomposition of rocks? -Hydration, hydrolysis, carbonation, oxidation.

6th Attrition due to organic activity? -Spending that is expressed by means of plants or their roots in rock and prodiire wider cracks, then algae, lichens, mosses, micro-organisms which secrete acid, and animals that contribute reaspadanju rocks making holes by drilling, rovenjem, crawling, digging, etc. ..

7th How is the transportation of materials? -Transport of sedimentary material is made with water, wind, and ice.

Water through the torrent channel, the river ... the wind in deserts often drifts are predominantly smaller particles can be transferred into the relationship, depending on the strength of the wind .., through the ice is possible only where there is snow cover large ice masiivi to move and thus break and crush everything under njimai material so transmitted.

8th When you begin, and of which depends on sedimentation? After spending the older sedimentary rocks, igneous or metamorphic, comes to transportation of materials (water, ice, wind), then the material is deposited and there is an sedimentacije.A sedimentation depends on the temperature of the sedimentary basin (aggradations, progradation, erosion. .) ..

9th The main depositional environment? Deposition of sedimentary material is a special process that takes place on land and in water. On land, the only clastic material deposited in water clastic particles and the material contained in the colloidal and true solutions.

10th What is compaction? Through mechanical compaction diagenesis of grain is done, reducing the porosity and volume of sediment, and istiskiivanje pore water from sediment compaction or through the process.

11th What is cementation?

The process of excretion in the pores izmađu grain after, their deposition so it is postsedimentacijski product, but it also appears in place of dissolved grains.

12th What is diagenesis, and processes that include?

Dijiageneza includes all mechanical and chemical changes that occur in the sediments of his deposition to the beginning of metamorphic processes.

Since we have a Mechanical ii The chemical diagenesis have specific processes that occur in:

Mechanical compaction diagenesis 

Chemical diagenesis Melting    Autigeneza Cementation Recrystallisation    metasomatism suppression.

[url removed, login to view] sedimentary rocks?

All structures of sedimentary rocks can be reduced to three basic types:

-Clastic, crystalline, amorphous.

Sedimentary structures include the 14th century?

Under textured rocks includes all the features of its internal construction materials caused by the mutual relations, spatial arrangement and orientation of individual components of the rock.

[url removed, login to view] grain?

- Basic descriptive element siliciklastičnih sedimentary rocks reflect the processes of wear and erosion, which generate particles of different size and nature of transport. (Duration, the conditions under which it occurred, and how this transport is carried out).

16th Sorted grains?

Grains and fragments that make up the sed

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