Trivia Category Writing

For a future website, for trivia questions. These are however not regular trivia questions:

Each question (called "category") has a definition, and 15 to 40 correct answers that match the definition.

Each answer has several alternatives that has the same meaning. The website will say that the user has answered currectly, if one of the alternatives is >>FULLY<< included somewhere in his text. As output to him, also in case he did not find the answer, it will plot the first alternative. Hence, I would appereciate it, if for each category, the first alternative will be very descriptive (adding extra cool information, but by thus making it impossible to find), and the other alternatives are narrower, designated to recognize when the page visitor answers correctly (even with small errors).

Please supply the work in a text file, an example is attached. Please take a careful look to imitate the format (separation between categories, answer alternatives, etc').


1) Very creative categories will result longer term partnership and increase payment. The most not be original, but they better be interesting, possibly with a descriptive first alternative.

2) Wikipedia, among others, is a good source for the categories :)


Please bid for 100 Categories. I might choose more than one provider.

Looking forward to hear from you!

oops...stupid errors:
For a future website, for trivia questions ---> For a future website, I need trivia questions.
The most not be original ---> They must not ...
will result longer ---> will result in longer
Should have checked twice before submitting:)
Be creative!


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