Need a Programmer great at debugging in Unity3D

I have a fully functioning multiplayer game created in Unity my programmer's going to Grad School and doesn't have time to juggle both; However he can be of assistance if need be. The game has a few bugs that need to be squashed before release.

Everything's located in the project folder. All resources are there as well. There are some Bosses that need to do Boss type functions instead of just run and get hit.

If you or the next guy has the NGUI plugin for unity, it might help the lag a lot to set the cameras to "Hard Clip" mode because I think what's happening is the game is calculating every pixel of the entire level when the player moves when all we really need is just the area around the player so basically don't calculate the geometry for the level that can't currently be seen. Or maybe that's not the problem at all lol , worth trying.

Also I set the shaders to Additive which makes them look nice and energized but it might be eating up resources so I'd check to see if the lag gets better by setting them back to the default shader.

Another thing It seems that the shaders didn't export to the builds. I researched this and it said to put them in the "Resources" folder, which I did but may not have done it right. Anyway the result is when the player picks up an invincibility it turns them pink. It's supposed to have a nice Additive effect. If the game is run from the Unity editor it works correctly and you can see what it's supposed to look like.

Another thing, there seems to be an issue with the controls that causes the touch sensitive area to go from the dragon controller radius to the entire screen. Basically the player moves when any part of the screen is tapped also it causes the player to lock up movement sometimes. I think this is happening because at some point when multiple buttons are pressed, it looses track of the true/false value that says if the player's touch location is in the controller radius area. This can be fixed temporarily by restarting the game but the permanent fix would be to redo the way the game senses the input touches.

The game saves level/EXP data, but some phones erase that when the game is closed. It saves permanently on a Galaxy Nexus and only temporarily on a Galaxy 2 so it may have something to do with t he permissions for saving to phone memory.

Currently the cloud level is too easy to access. I have the access point moving across the map on an x and y frequency wave so it's difficult to hit, but it's still too easy. This can be fixed by increasing the Y constant value at the end of the Vector3 formula in the GameInterface class - Update method. It's the one with "CloudLevel" involved in it. Also the monsters follow the player to the cloud level lol...

There are some issues with box colliders and the player being hit for seemingly no reason. Mostly on monsters who have ranged attacks because I enlarged the colliders to account for the ranged attack but it enlarges in both directions behind the monster too so if one player is behind a dragonmelon who is shooting another player, the one behind could be hit too. This can be fixed by adjusting the "center" value of the BoxCollider. I've already stored the variable in every monster class named&q uot;bc" so something like "[url removed, login to view] = new Vector3(-20, 0, 0)" should be added to the DM AI class file as well as the db and Brback. This also might need to be further changed depending on which way the monster is facing so it would be 20/-20 based on the monster's [url removed, login to view] value. Kind of a pain on that one.

I'll have to attach a document. It's only a few more things but I can only type so many words here. So if you can debug the game I will gladly pay you. I use freelancer escrow only. It protects both parties.

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