Multiplatform, local Program/App "ToDo-List"

Since we couldn't find a project management solution on the market, that would

a) meet our requirements as a small services company and

b) have acceptable specs about admin-effort, flexiblility and price

we developed an MS-excel Application that does maybe some 95% of the job.

In the long run, we want this to be moved to a database-application with "as much as possible" device independent clients. And also more functionality to be added.

This job will be the first step, mostly focusssing on the UI and only offering limited functionality. Intentions:

a) Learning, Concepting and

b) having something to feed the marketing funnel.

We plan to build the actual project as a Thin Client DB-Application later from scratch, dumping this work.

For that, we want a to-do-list, much like those hundreds already out there or in course books. We can agree on an existing one as a sample.


- Local, Single User.

All user data is stored in one (or more) local files. Besides simplicity this is to kill all doubts about privacy. Without Webserver. Backup: Copy file!

- Multiplatform

It shall be "as much as possible" the same User-Experience on any device. My idea right now is Air, but I'm open to other suggestions. Jailbreak and other hacks on the customer side are no options, however. If for a start it only works on win and mac, that's acceptable too.

- Multilanguage Support

- Functionality

This "Version 0.1" will act like working on 2 DB-Tables, "Task" and "Project". For a 1st idea of fields, see end of document.

As usual, each task can have a bunch of attributes, be set, scheduled, edited in any way, and finished.

For the "project management part" the 1st functionality is to have interdependent tasks

("x must be finished before y can start")

and the 2nd to have some basic accounting / Planning / warning

("All tasks belonging to Project a used up b Time and c Money ").

("Project won't be finished before t")

UI-Screens include


view/edit task screen: doing just that.

Main view: contains tasks to handle plus few alerts ("Prereqs still not met", "not enough time left for...")

Project overview: tasks belonging to it and their progress (but no Gantt-Diagram at this level) and Sums of expected /run up time and costs

- "NYI"

The UI- design shall provide "greyed out" Entries for functions, that are not availyble in this Version. Plus a hint "update your Product".

This is my 1st post here, so please feel even more free to ask for any unclarities!

Table: Task


Task-ID (Unique)

ProjectNr (->Project)

Assigned_to (string, later ->Person)

Expected Duration

Actual Duration (when finished)

Expected Cost

Actual Cost

Must-be-finished-by / Duedate

Sheduled to start

location (string, later ->Set of data)

Requires-to-start (-> Tasks)

„ Ressources, Tools...

Required for (-> Tasks)

Priority (probably calculated)


Result, Experience (Text)

Table: Projekt


Project-ID (U)

Person responsible



Planned Costs

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