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We are in the process of developing new gaming sites for the US and International markets. We want to develop a virtual world where a member can develop their room. There will be many different types of rooms: Night Clubs, Golf Courses, Dance Clubs, Card Rooms, Etc.

but for the purpose of this project we will use: Night Clubs


1. The player will be able to design their own night club - this includes decorations, color scheme, type of music, what food and drinks are served.

2. The player will be able to design their own character, including body type, hair style, eye color, clothes and accessories.

3. This will be a networking site so we need to be able to invite players, have chat, trade money, etc.

We are looking for a comprehensive bid:

1. Phase I: Realm building - Design the room - I'd rather not put limitations on what we want. Surprise me.

2. Phase II: Character Design - This will allow members to design their own character within the realm

3. Phase III: Networking - Interact with other members

4. Phase IV: Commerce - Buy/Sell and Trade with members as part of the simulation

Your bid needs to outline:

1. Tools that are needed. What software/platform you need to develop this. Costs associated just with the tools and software.

2. Infrastructure: What are the server requirements - what do you foresee as the capacity planning issues for 500, 1000,5000, and 10,000 users. If you can handle the infrastructure, include the price otherwise clearly indicate in your bid that this is your recommended infrastructure that needs to be implemented.

3. Development: What is the estimated time to complete each phase. At each point of completion in the development you will receive a progress payment. There can be scheduled progress payments during each phase as agreed upon benchmarks are met.

The project you are developing is obviously going to require an NDA agreement be signed. The winning bidder will be compensated according to their bid and also be issued stock as a performance incentive and to reward excellence.

Please include any information that will demonstrate you can accomplish this project.

Upon acceptance - we will immediately escrow funds for the first phase of the project. Each completed milestone will result in immediate release of funds and escrow of the next payment.

Project Update:



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