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I need to make the game hangman in vba that links to a database, pls make it as simple as possible with a few errors that I could write about and leave brief explanations of how I can explain it to anyone who asks.

3.1 Use Cases

The following use cases focus on the normal course of events. The developer is to identify exceptions and discuss them with KCo as and when they become apparent; KCo may require the exceptions to be managed or may decide to leave them unresolved for the time being.

3.1.1 Enrol by email (Use case)

Primary Actor: User

Pre Conditions: The user is not enrolled.

Usual Course of Events: The user accesses a new registration service and submits their details (Name, UoR User Name, email return address) and the user chooses to register by a definite action such as pressing a button. The machine then automatically reads the disk serial number as a node identifier and sends an email to the KCo published email address. The email includes the user details and the node identifier. KCo staff use these details to create a new registration in the KCo Database. The user is notified of their successful registration by email sent to the email return address provided. Note the player name will subsequently be used as a password.

Post Conditions:

The KCo database is updated with a new registration. The user has a new allocation of gambling tokens and can log-on to play hangman.

Exceptions: If the user is registered already the reply email reminds the user of their registration and no further action is taken.

3.1.2 Increase Token Credit (Use case)

Primary Actor: User

Pre Conditions: The user is registered.

Usual Course of Events: The use case is the same as for enrol by email but concerning top up rather than registration but must involve the original Name and UoR User Name used in the enrolment case.

Post Conditions: The user has a new allocation of gambling tokens added to their existing count.

Exceptions: TBD.

3.1.3 Hangman (Use case)

Primary Actor: User

Pre Conditions: The user is registered and in credit. The game is installed on the PW.

Usual Course of Events: The user attempts to access the game service of the product. The machine allows access only if the user is registered with the KCo database. Having gained entry the user may initiate a new game. The instantiation of the game is logged on the KCo database. The player enters their wager (in tokens) and the machine generates a word and the game progresses as described in section 2.1. If the game is lost the machine automatically decrements the waged tokens from the player's central account on the KCo database. If the game is won the machine automatically adds to the account. The game cannot be drawn.

Post Conditions: The player's token account is updated to represent their credit.


(Optional TBD): If the game is not completed in the game session the player is deemed to have lost and their credit is debited. However they may resume it on that workstation within 1 day and may redeem their credit if they win (the wager sum will be added twice to compensate for the prior assumed loss).

Other exceptions TBD.

3.2 Capabilities

3.2.1 View League Table

The following reports can be viewed on demand by a registered user.

List of all registered users and the number of games they have played, won and lost over a period defined by the user.

Current registration status for the logged-on user. Name, Reading User Code, date of registration, current tokens remaining, dates and quantities of all allocations of tokens.

3.2.2 Resilience to record lock errors.


3.3 Design Constraints

3.3.1 Product Distribution

The product is distributed on a CD and installation is based on a [url removed, login to view] file located as the sole [url removed, login to view] in the root directory of the CD.

3.3.2 Project

The code to be developed as the hangman Product shall be entirely in VB.NET.

3.3.3 KCo House Style and Brand

I. All displayable outputs (such as pages and screens) must bear the text “A University of Reading Product by KCo”.

II. The user should never have to scroll to see information on forms and dialogs. The sole exception is that controls showing tables of data may scroll vertically.

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