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We are a company that we are using a report system built on an Access database named LBG. The LBG uses a report lets say “Dynamic Report” based on a query lets say “QDIK”. The query it comprises from several connected tables and among other fields has one named “Printed”

What we need is an application that can do the following:

In brief we like to generate .RTF files, by cutting the mentioned Access report in predetermined group(s). The condition that is applied to the underlying of the report query is that the field “Printed” must has the value 0 or null. Simultaneously (on format of the report), this field inside the access database, that is responsible for marking the documents, must be changed from 0 or null to 1, for the particular records of the document. The application must tracks what records is send during this operation of generating the Report, perhaps by putting a flag in a new field named “mark”. Subsequently these .RTF files will be, automatically, attached to an e-mail client (Outlook) and sent up to a certain specified e-mail addresses (collected from the field “fax_e-mail) of the table “Doc_email”) to a fax server, then subsequently they’re converted to fax and are transferred to our customers.

The name (header) of the generated .RTF document must be put in the subject field of the Outlook, in order for the server to collect this information and mark the faxing success or not of the delivered document(s).

At this time the server is trying to send the faxes and when it is achieved (or not) this, is returning an e-mail marked “delivered” or “non-delivered” respectively on the subject field in adjacent with the .RTF header (picked up from the subject of the send mail) and looks like this “something”/Non-Delivery Notice or Delivery notice/”header of the .RTF document”. So the application must grab the information from the fields “from” and “subject“of the returning mail and put both in a table of the database. Then we need a function like update query to change the status of the “Printed” field to 0 for all records that has relation with the sent .RTF documents (determined by the flag into the field “mark” I mentioned above) and marked “non-delivered”.

Kemahiran: .NET, Pemprosesan Data, Visual Basic

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