Looking to Form Developers Union / Group

Looking for others interested.

Hello and good day. I have begun outlining a plan that would establish a foundation for around 25 professionals (6-8 desktop / client server developers with strong .NET and lengthy involvement in industry, 6-8 web developers with strong .NET and lengthy involvement in industry - DotNetNuke experience preferred, 2-4 organized highly motivated regular folks - with some technical background, 2-3 innovators and inventors with technology background, 2-4 legal folks - no one faint of heart - all projects are for good cause but are sure to be heavy with contracts, trademarks, copywriting possibly patenting, 2-4 SQL/T-SQL/Stored Procedures Gurus, 1-2 editors/publishers, 1-4 web content & SEO workers, 2-4 graphic artists-3d Modeling a plus, 1-2 Contract Negotiators - Hunters). . .

Anyone that feels they have some time to dedicated in the next 24-36 months to help grow a technology empire strong enough to secure our early retirements. Not only are we going to organize to build a foundation of core assets we are also going to agree on standardized pricing models for common services we are all-already providing. This will do many things for each of us, but will not limit us from continuing with our current business models either.

By working to create a common pricing structure and to understand as a group where our greatest talents lay we can begin working under or in parallel to this new company branding. This will grow a familarity across a gamut of technical services to further strengthen our core proudct(s). As we are all earning (probably) more money during the week working our regular work under this new title, we will also be gaining incomes and royalites from the core proudcts that will grow and grow until we have the financial freedom to pick and choose the markets and companies we bid.

We only have so many slots available that all may split profits so we have to take the best candidates first but please get your 2-Cents in.

This project is FEATURED - so I have already compensated GetAFreelancer for my company and for you whom would be bidding.

I thank you for your quick replies.

This certainly shows that you are active in your business and in the pursuit of technology related endeavors.

I will continue to lay the plan out as we go – only giving enough information at each level that we may effectively determine the right candidates. As I aforementioned there is really only room in our model for about 20 – 24 additional individuals.

The idea is very solid.

We will establish a 5 – 20 – 45 hierarchy (5 top level members meet very regularly. Everyone will have a say, but these individuals for lack of a better terminology would be filling senior roles. They would each have approx. 4 individuals in their area of the shop (5*4=20) (this will become a vote out – vote in process later). Then as part of the plan becomes everyone will try to have a ‘lacky’. A squire. Someone who makes a fairly stiff wage just to be able to hang out and learn from what we are doing. This role will however evolve into a very important aspect of our overall goals. This role is what the 45 represents. Meaning that at our peak we may hold a combined resource of 45 bodies.

The hierarchical structure is only necessary to ensure that our team does not become stale, that everyone’s progress can be accounted for and lastly but most importantly that the organization can establish and amend an internal constitution if you will for the future and promise of this entire corporation. We are creating a version of the first employee owned corporation to exist almost entirely in cyber space. We do have offices but nothing that could ever hope to neither support nor entertain the types of top talent we are trying to pull together.

The beauty of this comes down to the idea that possibly, just possibly when it is all said and done we will have created enough ‘core’ products that each of us is independently wealth from a constant stream of royalties, commissions, pay outs and sponsorship funding.

By forming together we serve to create a cohesion that will gain recognition by the community. Each of us stand to make a few extra bucks hourly because of the foundation of team-mates that stand behind us. As the branding and marketing spread literally over night to each of us. The right tools and best tools can be learned from one another, we can break up into our respective areas of most talent and work in cooperation with one another during the day to day of running a business (that many of us endure). During the off-hours we will work together (approx. 20-25hrs per week additional load to your life) on a constant stream of software products, turnkey solutions, literary works, publications, mini-companies, franchises and other ‘asset’ bearing productions. These will continue to accumulate and build over time – with everyone working together we will be able to achieve great goals. He!! I have a few inventions I may just donate to the core to inspire others to do the same. If the group as a whole agrees and the money is available – the necessary patents will be filed for and the arrangements made that the core, meaning each and every one of us in some percentage will be growing that much in our asset column. Assets if you didn’t know are the things that pay you in the middle of the night. They create you money when you aren’t looking. They give you the same money for coming into work as they did for not. Your children’s, children stand to earn revenue from the right kinds of ‘assets’

Once the team is established, everyone has upgraded their personal / business sites and tools to the latest and greatest we will begin to establish a buzz about our presence. We will work with whatever procurement talent we dig up to seek after larger government contracts and freelanced work. Once we have polished up we can take a few more high-profile jobs and fill in the gaps with our every day stuff. This is of course only a small fraction of what will be taking place, and with each project comes the need of entirely different people.

By creating a standardized form of billing (I think everyone will really like what I am going to propose) – we will create a very comfortable open and established commonality. This will make it very easy to work across the team for support from others as well. The model I have in mind will also provide that you may pull someone from the team or any available team ‘lacky’ to aide you in every project. This will however be optional.

There will be a certain amount of monies built into our standardized pricing that would also contribute to the core. I want to get out front with a couple of ideas. #1 This effort will only be successful if we have the right team. #2 That team must all buy-in to the ‘idea’ that all of our future success is based on the building of this core. #3 Once the core reaches a point that we are all earning our yearly needs – we don’t quit. We must continue working on projects that feed back into the core.

Please reply via. pm - with your skills (what do you want to do for the group) and if you feel that you are great at!
Are you a great leader? A great Project Finisher? A great Motivator? Highly Organized? More a brainstormer or problem solver? What sets you apart?

I also would like to know if you would be considered more of a lead / leader - or a really good worker or a less expierenced but hopeful type.

Thank you again for all of your interest. In fact there are over 20 individuals that are now interested in this opportunity. I have been speaking with a large number of legal types of the past few days trying to really understand some of the fine points to this plan. I keep trying to find someone to talk me out of this. So far all I have found is encouragement. The Corporate structure is setup to do exactly this. We are not the first to work in this capacity either. There have been numerous companies that have done exactly what I am suggesting. As the first members will essentially be the corporate shareholders and largest part of the work force.

The current step is very important and has to be established fairly soon. As I will be the acting Director for a while we are needing to establish whom will fill the roles of President, V. President, Secretary and Treasurer. We will also fill 3 other seats as MPM, Legal & Procurement very quickly.

I would like each of you to please issue an email directly to me James@FreelancedTechnologies.com. In this email I would like you to describe in better detail what specifically you bring to the table. I want to know if you have taken a look at DotNetNuke since my first mention (or before) and your first impressions, I want to know if you already have web sites / companies / products ! I need to know if you have ANY interest in filling a Leadership role, more importantly if you have any experience in and desire to hold one of the board seats.

Please bring in ANY talent you have found yourselves impressed with in the past to help fill in the edges. We have a very Technical Heavy response so far. 20 Hardcore Developers will only get us so far. We really could use to find some of the legal and organizational structure folks as early as possible.

There is also talk of bringing the initial number of shareholders down from 20-ish to 15-ish. It is very important that I get something from each of you that will help me find you and know you are the right candidate.

I am looking to setup a conference call for Wednesday January 12th around 9:00pm CST (please let me know what this would translate to in your time zone - so I might better plan meeting times around something universally accommodating). I hope to meet with the high level candidates earlier.

Sincerely, -James Kies.
ps. This is a very serious business matter. Please do not get involved if you already know you are not the right candidate. By that I only mean a visionary. A talented, motivated, achiever. A #1 trait for this is going to be someone that is a do'er and a dreamer, not a faint-hearted grump. Besides when we are all wealthy, we don't need a sour-puss spoiling our fun. -James

pss. I take part of that back. We need 1 grump. So encourage Everyone you know, grump or not - to show some interest in this. Even to just become involved as a "lacky" not a shareholder will prove to be very promising!

Keep tuned. More info to follow in the next few days. Keep the input and questions coming.

Please see attached file. This page is getting busy.

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