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218404 Quick Database assignment

This should be a very easy project

Create a ratings table in an Access database named [url removed, login to view]


RatingsSeq Long Autonumber

MovieID Integer

CustomerID Integer

RatingValue Integer

RatingDate DateTime

Create a subfolder in the bin/debug folder named MovieData and copy 6 data files there. (Download/unzip from Blackboard and copy to your globalid_lab4 project debug folder.)

Read the data from all of the files in MovieData formatting a record (like that shown in [url removed, login to view]) and insert records into your database table. Do not use the [url removed, login to view] except as an example of formatting a record.

The first record of each input file ([url removed, login to view]) contains the MovieID. This integer value should be propagated onto each table record.

The RatingsSeq column does not need to be specified on the INSERT statement. The database will insert this value each time a table record is inserted. (Assuming you've defined this column correctly. AutoNumber)

Display a message on the Console when the program first starts. Display the start time,

Count and display the number of files opened, the total number of records read and the total number of rows inserted on the table. Display all these counts then display the end time and run time (duration in milliseconds). Do you remember the pinball program that uses the DateTime and TimeSpan data types?

Make sure that you close the current input file before opening the next file.

Cleanup (de-reference all object reference variables). Close the database connection and de-reference the OleDb objects when finished processing.


Open Access and verify the data that has been inserted. Your program will not work against the database ([url removed, login to view]) as long as the database is open using the Access software. Exit Access or close the database before starting the VB program.

If you are using Office 2007, make sure that you save the database as an mdb. (Office 2007 allows for backwards compatibility (2000 – 2003), Otherwise you program will not be able to interact with the database.

all you have to do is create a database file in access and have visual basic connect to the database and pull up text files and put them into the database....check it out message me with questions



must use a few other files but i will be giving them to you

vb expert needed!!!

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