VB Program to extract Excel data and download files

1) allow me to select a download directory to save files

2) take the spreadsheet (sample atteached)

3) look at each row

4) grab the first 3 digits of the first column (ex: 277)

5) grab the entire number from the first column (ex: 27710)

6) create a URL that looks like this:

[url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]

(these are actual working URL's you can use for testing.)

7) go to the URL and download the MP3 file into the directory specified above.

8) do this for each row in the spreadsheet untill all the MP3's are downloaded.

9) if an MP3 of the exact number (ex: [url removed, login to view]) exists, as if it should be overwritten.


10) the URL's in step 6 HAVE TO BE MODIFY-able. In other words:

I must be able to supply the full first column number (ie: 27710)

I must also be able to supply the first part of the URL

(ie: [url removed, login to view]

or [url removed, login to view]

and the program will create the correctly formed URL as in step 6.

11)The created URL that the program referes to will reside in a separate file and MUST BE ENCRYPTED.

12)The created URL must be ENCRYPTED into a file that I can wrap up with, or accompany the program executable if I want to move it from one PC to another. The file that contains the URL MUST NOT BE READABLE by the user but as I said, can be changed by ME ONLY (maybe thru the use of another small program that does the encryption).

13 VB source code for app(s) must be supplied also.

Questions ?


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