3D Pedetrian-vehicle interaction simulation -- 3

Job Description:

Requirements :

The simulation should model the behavior of a pedestrian crossing the road.

It should include risk indicators such as the density of vehicles, the pedestrian's age, level of impairment, location, speed...

The risk indicators should be represented as fuzzy sets, with membership values ranging from 0 (not a member of the set) to 1 (fully a member of the set).

The simulation should use fuzzy logic operators to combine the risk indicators and calculate the overall risk of an accident.

The simulation should include a user interface that allows the user to adjust the values of the risk indicators and see the resulting risk of an accident.

The simulation should include a machine learning component that allows the system to learn the relationships between the risk indicators and the likelihood of an accident occurring from data.

It should also include a report or visualization that displays the risk of an accident for different combinations of risk indicators.

The simulation will be tested and validated using real-world data and realistic scenarios.

The simulation should be documented, including technical documentation.

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