Long Term Career : Social Marketing & Membership Sign Ups


There is an opportunity for a long term career with our company.

I am the hiring manager.

We pay extremely well (with benefits and perks).


There is a possibility for Full time employment, if you can pass the first 90 days of orientation and training. As we are remote- training is NOT paid. From a company's standpoint, we have no way of truly SEEING if you are going to work out prior to making this investment. As such, we will not invest in payment, we will invest in training materials for the RIGHT party. After training, there is an opportunity of $1500.00-$3500.00 per month pay.

Membership Subscriptions/Sign Ups are paid by commission but based upon performance this will turn into a salary position with Benefits for more information please go to

AGAIN for the first 90 days this job would be commission only. So far, we have successfully hired a representative from GAF. And it is working out good. We wanted to hire another rep to compliment him. If we have invited you, we are inviting you under these pretenses, kindly do not bid if you have not understood the above and below criteria:


But, truthfully we have hired some mishaps as well for this position because the person(s) have not understood the following.

Please review the following:

1) This is a career opportunity. This isn't a part-time hobby or hustle. This is actually a true job. We have provided extensive training and books to ensure that this job can be completed correctly for the right candidate. However, now we are only looking for people who actually know social marketing and know how to sign up members who fit our criteria. For the right person, we will train. However please note that we will give consideration to only those individuals that can provide prior references that we can CALL and check. In otherwords, you must be able to provide prior work history.

2) Although our culture is laid back, we do expect you to be ready to process payments and sales and available when you say that you are available. We shouldn't have to chase you down, or find you to process calls. This is unacceptable.

3) It is unacceptable to process 10% of the goals per day. If you are not able to actually contact the industry standard.

4) You must be fluid and natural. Nothing turns another person off worse than-- if you sound like you are reading from a script. Our firm offers high quality products. Therefore, it won't be hard sharing all of our resources (which are over 100) in a conversational tone. We also already have leaders in all industries who have signed up.

5) You must be able to sale, and your past conversion rate must be extremely high to be consider for our full-time contract position.

6) We pay on time. You will be paid after training 30 days. After that it will be bi-weekly.

7)The membership is beyond reasonable for signing up. It isn't an atrocious price. We are very aware of the economy. Our services are recession proof as businesses need our services regardless of the current state.


1) Assertive. We need someone who is very assertive. Our latest team member has shown us that we have been looking for the wrong type of sales personalities. He is a go-getter. We need someone that can exhibit these traits.

2) Hungry. This person should be hungry for commission, and incentive pay.

3) Goal oriented. This person should be able to set goals for themselves. We are laid back, we do not hound people to make sales. We simply cut you if you are not goal oriented.

4) Mature. We need someone who is a grade A professional. We need someone mature enough to handle corrective criticisms.

5) Career Oriented. We need someone who can see our company's career ladder as a means to a long term relationship.





Must know what social marketing is and how important it is.


1. Please send in your CV/Resume via PMB.

2. Please send in your job REFERENCES (if you are a work at home mom, please make sure you share WHY you feel you are able to do this job, despite being out of the work force.

3. Please answer the following questions:

1. When did you last have a sales job, and what was your conversion? Why was your conversion that rate?

2. Sell us a pen, describe why we should buy an imaginary pen (make up the brand and name and sell it via PMB)

3. How are you able to handle working from home, without walls-- would we need to orientate you on starting your day on time, or are you already a self-starter, explain?

4. Why do you belive our company will NOT pay for a 90 day training period (ONLY IN COMMISSION)?

5. After successfully completing your first 90 days, what would your expected salary be?

6. We are selling business services, what social networking sites do you think would be good to go on? And, how would you approach members?

7. You will be writing sales letters (via email) and sending them to business owners -- what do you think needs to be included when sending an email to share our product/service?

BID: $1500.00 - $2750.00 + COMMISSION


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