[url removed, login to view] ($2,250 USD per Week)


The objective of this project is to promote [url removed, login to view] every week and generate at least 500 sales per week. This project will be continued for an ongoing basis indefinately.

Target Market:

The market for this website is anyone of working age in the United States. This website will most likely benifit the working class, which is 97% of the American population.


*** weekly sales commission plan***

1+ $1

100+ $2

200+ $3

300+ $3.5

400+ $4

500+ $4.5

*** example compensation numbers ***

24 sales $24 commission

124 sales $248 commission

237 sales $711 commission

311 sales $1088.5 commission

405 sales $1620 commission

507 sales $2281.5

*** All payments will be made via paypal ***

*** Your work week will start on Wednesday and end on Tuesday. You will be paid each Wednesday after the previous week you have worked. ***

*** You must generate at least 100 sales per week to continue this buisness arangement. If you get less than 100 sales in a week, you will be paid $1 for each sale you generated and then replaced with another person/company ***

*** no advance payment, if you don't have the confidence in your skills to earn what you are truely worth, I don't want to work with you on this particular project ***

Promotion Ideas:

The website's primary function is to sell an e-book to help american's generate extra income.

Here are some ideas to get your brain turning on how to market my website.....


article websites




yahoo answers

social bookmarks (digg, stumbleupon, [url removed, login to view], etc)

social networks (myspace, facebook etc)

mass emails


wiki answers

yahoo groups


chat rooms

bulletin boards



I'm sure you can think of more ideas if you are the team I'm seeking


I expect this project to be executed by a team of 25-50 people. This team must be managed by one person. The person who manages the team (team leader) will be the person I will pay each week via paypal. I also require you to have pretty good english for contact via email, IM, or phone. If you are the "team leader" I will require a CV from you.

I'm looking to deal with a person who is skilled at web marketing, but is also a good communicator and a leader. As you meet the target goal of 500 e-book sales per week, you will generate $2,250 in commissions. The type of person I'm looking for would most likely recruit (or already have) 25-50 people on his team for this project and pay them 1-2% each while he takes 50% of the commission each week as the top manager or "team leader".


Along with a CV, the "team leader" (or team contact) must also submit a plan.

This plan should include all of the different methods you will use to promote my website (e-book). You should specify what each person on your team will be doing. If you have 50 people, I want to know what the responsibilities of each team member are.

Note: if you don't have a team, you've better have a really good plan to drive sales over an indefinate period.

Also, just to be on the safe side in your plan, use a .0025 sales conversion rate for people who visit the website. This means that for every 400 people that visit the website, there will be at least 1 sale. The conversion rate will probably higher, but I only want to read realistic plans. So, for 500 sales per week, you would need to drive 200,000 americans to my website each week, using a sales conversion rate of .0025


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