Post & Vote Up On 3 News Sites

1) I need to have various blogs promoted on the three top news sites: Digg, Slashdot and Reddit. If you are not familiar with how these sites work, please go check them out before you bid.

2) There will be approximately 20 blogs per month that I create and that you will be responsible for posting on the three news sites. I will supply the URL of the specific blog, the headline and the description. Therefore you will have all the information necessary to make your posts.

3) The blogs will be ongoing, so kindly make your bid reflect your price for a block of 20 blogs per month which I submit to you for a full year. Thus I would like to see bids for 240 blogs processed over a full year. Keep in mind that I will pay at the end of each and every month for the work done that month. I am not paying annually. Just bid for 20 blogs posted and voted up successfully per month for one year. To conduct business properly, I will agree to post a private project for you each month so that you can keep getting paid through GAF. No problem.

4) You will post that information according to the various site's forms. If you are familiar with those three sites you will understand what this means. If not, please go familiarize yourself first.

5) You will then utilize various legitimate (non-proxied) IPs in various locations and under various identities to vote the post UP. You don't have to post additional comments. All you have to do is (for instance in Digg) just click on DIGG. These various identities can be YOU working with various separate ISPs OR more easily, it can be your associates, each of whom has their own PC and ISP (different than yours and in a different town). All the associates and/or identities have to do is VOTE UP.


VERY IMPORTANT! The site algorithms are complex so this has to be done right and without making it be transparent that it's all one group of people always posting and voting up these blogs. If the sites realize that it's the same people posting and then voting each blog up they will blackball my blogs and then you don't get paid. It is imperative that the promotion be done stealthily and intelligently. I will be confirming all aspects of this project, so it has to be done manually without using bots or other automation.

Here is some more information in the hope that we can achieve clarity. The various news social media sites (Digg, Slashdot and Reddit) have some significant algorithms in place to ensure that no "cheating" occurs. So please let me know how you can achieve this in your bids. I am most interested in understanding if you have associates in other geographical locations and IPs who can serve to vote up the posts without resorting to proxies or bots. I am not necessarily trying to get the blogs on the front page, or get thousands of Diggs. I would like to see each blog placed and voted up at least 15 times. That might develop enough momentum for other readers to start voting them up. If we end up with one blog on the front page per month, then it would be a success. To be clearer, Slashdot, Digg and Reddit are the ONLY three I need. I have no requirement for any other sites, any other links, or anything which deviates from what I have specified. I don't want SEO, I don't want other incoming high quality links, I don't want to rank high on Google, I don't want ANYTHING BUT WHAT IS SPECIFIED ABOVE. The win will not go necessarily to the lowest bidder but to the one who convinces me that they can get the job done quickly and correctly and be able to keep up that proper stealthy posting and voting for a full year! Thanks!

One more time: Bid on Posting and accordingly Voting Up at least 15 times each a total of 20 blogs per month for 12 full months. You get paid MONTHLY once each month's submissions and voting ups are properly done!

Please read everything carefully before you bid. Ask any questions you would like via PMB and I will be happy to reply. THIS IS URGENT! I WILL REPLY WITHIN HOURS! Thank you.

URGENT NOTE! I have extended the project by one day. The reason for this is to avoid GAF double charging the commissions to the winner of the bidding. I had erroneously stated that I would also hold a monthly private project for the bid winner. Unfortunately this would have the effect of charging GAF commissions once for the whole year and then again on a monthly basis. Therefore, I would ask all bidders to AMEND THEIR BIDS TO REFLECT ONLY ONE MONTH OF SERVICES, OR 1/12th OF WHAT THEY HAVE ALREADY BID. Then we would do 11 months of private projects for the bid winners to keep everything within GAF regulations. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

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